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Sep 4, 2015
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Alrighty then, since I've been meaning to post an art topic on this site for a while now, allow me to start off by posting two of my recent pictures. Basically, I had decided to take the in-game models of my two Mabinogi characters, Chronicler7 and Darkdragora, and give them their own artwork of my own for original uses.

Meanwhile I've also got some other recent artwork to showcase as well. Also, I realized that the image cap on posts is too low for me at the moment. 10 images a post just won't cut it.





Tyrannox Mk I:


Tyrannox Mk II:

Tyrannox Mk III:


I'm unsure if we can extend the image limit per post, but if we can't, feel free to double or triple post if you happen to have that much made all at once. We'll understand ;D (I think we have it that way for bandwidth purposes but don't quote me on that).

Velocilites, KeraMaster, Tyrannox, and Pterazok came out really well here! I really like the designs and colors (but it may also be because they mostly resemble my fav dinos)
We can extend the image limit; although you are allowed to do double or triple posts if needed. :thumbs:

And great artwork :cool:

An attempt at a "What If" scenario in that Mewtwo absorbs both of it's own Mega Stones and becomes a potential third transformed state as a result. Psychic/Poison.


My attempt to create an "Ash-"Greninja type of transformation for Samurott to use for itself. Water/Ground. Name is a reference to Pokemon Conquest.

The Big Bad of my game project E.S.W.N., and while she isn't the Final Boss directly, she's the closest the game has to a central antagonist.

Lord Archadius:

Lord Archadius is a different type of villain. Despite his size and power being above the Kaijin and Kaiju he commands, he actually prefers peace and quiet rather than wanting to outright attack humanity as a whole. He doesn't want to conquer; he wants prosperity for his people.
Chronicler (formerly known as Chronicler the 7th):

The first of three pictures which signal a big change coming to Chronicler's origins and overall background, and you all guys get the opportunity to take part in it in my upcoming RP: "Network Protection Agency". The above picture of Chronicler is to part of a promotional poster for the story.
Awesome drawings!

Kamewdrei is my favorite so far. I'm surprised GameFreak haven't weigh in on the idea of absorbing both mehga stones yet :pls:



Omnicron is a tenacious SOB in regards to what it's designed to do as a villain. Originally, Network Protection Agency started off as a SAO related work; Omnicron made me realise that would be impossible due to what he ultimately does in the story compared to what options are available in stopping him. By the time Omnicron achieves his 800M form, shit hits the fan immediately as he basically rigs the entire globe into a Defcon 1 situation.
Omnicronn looks pretty interesting. Nice combinations of color. What type of program do you use for your stuff?
Ya know I understand if you guys want me to keep my artwork posted here instead of the Skype chat, I just would appreciate it more if I got responses at least not too overly long after I had made a post. Anyways, considering what I have all to share at once, there's going to be a good portion of pics this time around.
Sharadé Carcharius:

Probably going to begin drawing the normal characters to this fanfic on traditional medium now that I've finally gotten reunited with a reliable scanner of sorts. That said, normally all of my artwork is done via Mouse and using MS Paint in combination with Gimp. Sharade may not be the first pic I drew ever since I had been making artwork again via the classic pencil and paper method, but I do believe he's the first human I've drawn with this method. Could entirely be wrong, though.

As for some context on who Sharade is, I'll get to a functioning bio once I determine how I want the human interactions between the human cast will go. This, in turn, will alter the personalities of the virtual characters should none of them possess any degree of sentience to themselves. Chronicler/OMNICRON have fully fledged AIs beyond the technology of the other virtual characters, so that's why they're both major characters already with a bio.


"That is a Horse's tail my friend, it belongs on a Horse!"
Netsurfer is a temporary name at best, an in-joke at worst regarding what I'm going to call this character. It reflects the avatar owner's personality; not only does have difficulty remembering names of those outside of her family (even refusing to call her co-workers by their real names), but when she had to design Netsurfer, she had no idea what to use for a name for this avatar since she had only enough knowledge of what the weapon looked like (named the "Overedge").


The real life individual assigned to Netsurfer. Having been present as a public worker for Network's security for a longer time than most, she seems to get this advantage from her father being the overall founder of the NPA in the first place. She is also, by technical definition, a slut when it comes to social activity. Ever since having been ditched by Sharade under the assumption that Sharade had been using her for sexual pleasure and nothing more, she had grown rather cynical in nature and only sees sex as entertainment to her and those else involved. She is naturally very annoyed by how Netsurfer is programmed because of this.
Mirror M:
Phase 1, Mirror M:

Phase 2, Dragozaur:

Phase 3, Platinum Dragozaur:

Phase 4, Omega Platinum:

Mirror M, when he first began, technically was an OC much like Chronicler. However, due to how extreme his abilities were compared to what media he was an OC for, he was redesigned and altered to basically be a character who originates from original works as he technically started off as; Mirror M, when I was younger, was more or less a flat out self insert for some series I frequently watched, only featuring other characters from Mirror M's lore when necessary. Nowadays, the agreed backstory for Mirror M is generally a "forbidden genetic and cybernetic experiment to forcefully create a lifeform based off of the properties of lifeforms originating from separate universes".

Out of the other recurring characters in my original works lore, Mirror M could potentially make an appearance in NPA, and is scheduled to make his debut proper in a fanfic for Code Lyoko where his introduction pretty much all but states that he is not normal compared to the rest of the cast seen beforehand in the story. Likewise, the antagonists related to Mirror M's background are given a similar treatment.

DinoSquad RX Cover:

DinoSquad RX finalized cover artwork. Apparently sites I've been going to have been spelling the series title as lacking a space between Dino and Squad, so I had a space be lacking here as well. Anybody who has actually see DinoSquad will notice that all but one of the Dinosaurs have changed entirely from what the show had used. Even if two of them look similar as shown above (Triceratops and Dakotaraptor), the two used in the show were different genus entirely (Styracosaurus and Velociraptor). Also worth noting is, well, the feathering and other minute details on most of the Dinosaurs here, and the fact all six species shown here originate from the Hell Creek Formation and have all lived in not just the same basic place, but also the same basic time (all of which lived up until the K-Pg Extinction Event occured at minimum).
Ash, Pikachu, and Braviary:

Kind of spoilers for a later arc for those who haven't been keeping up to date with my fanfic, but basically later in the fanfic, Ash will catch a Braviary of a relatively large size.
I like the designs for Dragozaur, but I can't give a lot of critique on it since I don't draw animals or the like. So I can only really critique the humans

The left hand on mirror M (his left), it doesn't look to be the thumb but aballed up fist with the pinkie facing the front. It could just be me misinterpreting it, but I feel that it isn't the right hand (no pun intended).
Dragozaur. I love the detail on him. Keep it up. God, I wish I knew how to draw dinos like you. xDD
LoopyPanda said:
The left hand on mirror M (his left), it doesn't look to be the thumb but aballed up fist with the pinkie facing the front. It could just be me misinterpreting it, but I feel that it isn't the right hand (no pun intended).

It's the way the fist is shown from the front view. He's supposed to be clenching his hand together into a fist, so whenever I draw those, it ends up looking weird in response depending on the angle.

The Main Cast:

The Secret Antagonist:

The first 11 characters are all real life animals from 10 different species of animals; Siberian tiger, Amur leopard, Wood bison, Tundra wolf, Eurasian brown bear, Mountain hare, Yukatian horse, Eurasian cave lion, Woolly rhinoceros, and Woolly mammoth. As for what they're personalities are like, some of them have traits associated with antagonists... but only major character number 12 is truly evil in nature.

The 12th character is a giant, 15 foot tall humanoid creature that does not naturally live in the area that the story takes place in (Northeast Russia). It is identified by lacking eyes unless its mouth is open, a wide gaping jaw, a semi-skeletal pattern on its torso, blood-like markings covering parts of its body, face, and claws, and having three digit feet with five digit hands. It preys off of Woolly mammoths by tearing off their large tusks and proceeding to use them like clubs against the Mammoth by beating it senselessly with them until it falls dead.
Looking good, keep up the nice work. You draw animals far better than me. I can't draw them to save my life. xDD
Ah I see. I wasn't too sure since the pencil lines kind of overlap and make the thumb look kind of odd.

Poloz and Luchnik are the cutest. ^-^
What animal is Tire based off of?
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