Are you a collector?

LoopyPanda said:
I collect stickers because i'm too afraid to actually use them...  :katcry:

What kind of stickers? :maybe:
I love to collect snowglobes and I have a marble collection as well I started my collection when I was really little,though my mom started a porcelain doll collection every year she got me a collectible doll until I grew out of them :)
I have a growing pop/figurine collection. 

Also, a continually growing anime/anime-related pin collection. So far I have 19 pins, but at the con I'm going to next year, I ALWAYS go to Artist Alley on the last day and buy pins for my collection, mainly because on the last day, they have really good deals on pins just to get rid of 'em
I love this collection. It makes me think you're rich but I have a feeling most of these bills are not worth much today. The 10 billion dollar one seems a bit much. xDD Keep up the great collection ZF, you should try collecting coins too if you haven't already.

Recently I've been collecting pennies, trying to find out which one is the oldest I have. Currently, I have a penny that is from 1910. Not sure if it's worth much but I'm keeping it.
I actually have a collection of coins too, but banknotes/paper money holds my interest more. xD

Yes, the 10 billion dollar bills from Zimbabwe and the 10 billion and 500 billion ones from former Yugoslavia aren't worth much in terms of payment, but then again, both countries suffered from hyperinflation in the time those banknotes were in circulation. 

Zimbabwe was worse though; they had bills up to 100 TRILLION dollars, and back then, you had to pay about 550 MILLION Zimbabwean Dollars, just to buy a loaf of bread if it even was available, forcing the population to go abroad for it when that wasn't the case!

And you should definitely keep that 1910 coin you have; you should look it up on the net to see how much collectors are willing to pay for it.
Oof, reminds me of how Pre-WW2 Germany tried to pay back its debts by printing a ton of marks, but all it did was make their money worthless. This a beefy collection you got there! It may not worth much in terms of value, but that's a collection to be proud of!
Thanks and even now I'm still looking to expand it. :D

It's one of the reasons I even go to fleamarkets nowadays, hoping to find someone selling those banknotes for a decent price. :D
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