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Sep 4, 2015
Hello everyone! 

I create and sell perler bead creations, magnets, coasters, and keychains. I even do requests, if I can find a good pattern to follow, or if it's something 8-bit. 

I also do holiday-based creations and such!

Here's everything I've created thus far. If you would like something, I....actually don't know how something like that works. Is it Paypal, or something similar? I feel my prices are fair, due to sizing and such. I've actually lowered them from what I initially had.

Anyway, here you go!


3D apples


Cute lil cherry


Cute chocolate bar


Coaster! If you like the design, but not the colors, and you wanna buy it, pm me on either discord or here, and you can request and 3 colors you like!


Classics! Any color as well. If you don't see a color you want, pm me!


Good Luck Birds! Any color, as well!


Cute lil heart!




These take longer than the milk to make


Again, colors are customizable!


Bat color is customizable!


Choose the color you would like!


I can also make the other pokeballs, should someone request one!


Aren't these guys cute?!


I call this the Grow Up and Get A Life set xD


Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, Master of all four elements could stop them. But, when the world needed him most, he vanished. 100 years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new avatar, an Air Bender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he's got a long way to go before he's ready to save anyone. But, I believe Aang can save the world!


Another coaster! Colors are customizable!


You like Splatoon? Here you go!


A variety of ninja stars


More ninja stars


Cute lil taco


Color wheel!


Yin Yang!

So, this is all I have right now. I am currently working on two sets at the moment. Will post them when they're done!  I'm also working on a project for my brother for Christmas. Will post those when I'm all done, as well. Hope you all enjoy these, and I will post more when I make more!
Holy cow, these are pretty damn amazing! I really like the gameboy colors designs and the pokeball!

Paypal is the safest way to go so there won't be any nonsense with the payments and whatnot :thonk: I think @"Elio" have an idea how this process works.
Yeah, I can help you with Paypal if you like! It's pretty simple to set up -- probably a LOT simpler if you live in the US. 

Also these are very cute and you really gotta charge more for these! If selling, you gotta take into account shipping also!
As someone who used to make perler bead creations, I can say it's VERY time consuming for me... you should bump up your prices more the longer you spend time making them. Last I made a Perler Bead trinket (it was an alien head lol) it took me forever! I have tons of Perler Beads left over from a bigass bucket and some templates but looking at this made me consider making more again!

Have you considered opening an Etsy for them? :)
How much should I bump my prices up to? Or charge for shipping?
You could take a look around deviantART to see the prices other people are selling their perler bead items at. But to adjust the price, factors like how long it took to make it, how large the perler bead creation is, if you had to buy a packet of perlers to make this item specifically, etc all can influence your pricing.

Custom orders are, well, custom, and should be priced probably moreso than the readily-available ones you've already made considering you would presumably be tasked with making a perler bead design from scratch depending on the request. 

There's also accounting what you paid for the packet of magnets and keychain rings.

The rule of thumb for artists is to charge at least minimum American wage per hour you spent on the piece, though people usually adjust for how much effort it took to begin with and the actual filesize. I'm not sure how big these items are since they don't have a ruler next to it or specific measurements, but I assume these all are about the size of your hand or palm.

The perler beads I own are tinier than the ones you used though, so if you feel like going into making more detailed pieces, the smaller ones allow more room but probably restrict the ability to make them a keychain and you would probably have to charge more since more detail = more time with assembly
The reason why I priced the way I did is because they really aren't that big, and a lot of them didn't take necessarily too long to do. The only ones that took longer than usual were the Harry Potter one and the coasters I made
Hmm... you could always make a set to sell all together? Like instead of just the cherries, you could make other fruit and sell them in one pack. That's just me tossing some ideas around though :p
I have to agreed that the prices should be bumped up and displayed as a set; that way, you can appeal to more people who, excuse the Pokemon Pun, wants to gather them all :wagh:
So, I've taken all your suggestions to boot, and here's what I've decided:

I am going to bundle stuff together and charge more (ty Shine for this idea)

As forshipping costs, it depends on where I'm shipping to, but the average cost shall be between $3-$5 for shipping. I feel this is fair, as the stuff I make is not that big (unless you get a coaster or request something)

And lastly, unfortunately, I cannot post more right now, as my iron crapped out, and I can't fuse them together right now. 

So, ty for all your suggestions!
Tragedy strikes again as I am making some new stuff, and I run out of dark brown perler beads.

But, my mother said she'd be getting 2 irons. One for her to use, and one for me to use.. Which is good! So, hopefully I get what I need soon!
So! I have recently opened a checking account, meaning I can officially open for business soon! 

To celebrate, I give you some brand-new designs, courtesy of Sanrio! 

Penny for scale


Kiki and Lala!


Rilakkuma! (It's San-X, but, it's cute, no?) 





I do plan on doing stuff for My Melody, Hello Kitty, and Kerokerokeroppi

I can do other Sanrio and San-X stuff, if requested! 

If you're interested in any of these things in this thread, please either shoot me a PM or a DM on Discord!
Those are cool! Glad you're finally opening shop on these items. Do you take requests, or it's currently things you can do at the moment? :think:
I take requests as long as I can find either a sprite or pattern via Google. It also depends on what colors I currently have, but this is only the case sometimes, as when I can, I get more colors from Hobby Lobby or I can just buy directly from perler's website. 

So, tl;dr, yes xD I take requests ^..^
Sweet. I’ll shoot you a message in a few weeks once my monies is in order. So, to make it short and quick, I’m looking to see if you can create something that relates to the United States Marines, as a gift for my late father. Don’t know how you can go about that, but if you can do that, that’ll be awesome.

Another request is Pokémon—more specifically, Feraligatr. :think:
Alrighty, Shine! I can get to work on that soon enough. Just send me either a PM on here or DM on Discord when you can, to discuss pricing and shipping!

These came in! Thanks for your hard-work because these are downright awesome!

Here's my Facebook business page. I've got several premade pieces, but a reminder that I DO do requests (See Shine's post above). 

All needed info is in my first post (my only post as of right now).

I might make some more premade stuff and post it soon. 

As for right now, if you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact me on here, discord, or on FB
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