A Personality in Anime You Dislike?


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Sep 3, 2015
Is there a personality that you really, really dislike when watching a anime? State your thoughts here!
As the title suggested. What are the things that really annoys you in a anime?
I hate the type of personality which is Shy but OVER the top. Want an example? Serena's damn Eevee. You can't say it's damn name without it shitting itself in fear.

One thing is to be shy and have a bit of discomfort around new/other characters but another thing is just running in fear because the wind blew in your direction. "Scared-Shitless-Of-Your-Own-Shadow shy i not acceptable for me. It only pisses me off cause they are constantly babied and when you REALLY need them, you pull off some badass Godmodding bullshit.

That and Serena's Eevee reminds me of someone... someone who had a lot of babies and lets herself get taken advantage of while her children are on the same bed as her. No shame. No surprise. No remorse for my actions.
When the main character is stupid to believe in his 'feelings' and not his common sense.
Tsudere, Its just not done right.

I am yet to se a tsundere character that was done right, I have been told that Asuna was a tsundere at the beginning but then changed which is what it should be but that change was both too fast, and too soon. So i will remain with my argument that Tsundere is just broken.
When there is a continuity error and/or the plot holes make it seem as though the characters are just completely stupid...
Ex: Character has a powerful weapon/ability/spell, uses it once, never uses it when they need it most AFTER they've used it previously.
When protagonists seem like they're going to lose a battle, but a really long monologue about friendship or something cliche somehow keeps the enemy from not ending them in the middle of their speech and end up winning. And this repeats CONSTANTLY.
I hate it when the main bad guy of a story is beaten by a simple attack such as FWIENDSHIP or some bullshit moral boost from our main hero. I think it's very unrealistic and ruins an entire fight for me. It kills off the entire struggle that the main hero had (if any) trying to fight and kill this guy.
I dislike character that are totally oblivious to what's happening around them....
It's ok for a character to be a bit slow and doesn't always get what's going on
but they make some characters really stupid not even getting the obvious  things...

I just wish they made them a bit more realistic...
Characters that have a divided personality, such as when they spend half the show being one way, but then act like a totally different person
This was only well done by Trigun, but even then it was being realistic.
The character that whines and gets theough half the season by relying on the other people, have maybe one moment of "maybe they aren't as big a pussy as I thought" but next episode, they're back to being the same wuss that cant do anything without some big self deprecating monologue about how useless they are. And do absolutely nothing to try and fix that.

I get you don't like being the weakest link, but you've spent half the season saying it and not trying to do something about it.

This guy. He is such a wuss, thinking that he is so righteous until he realized that he is a freaking hypocrite. And he only changed near the end of second season.
Overly complicated backstory characters, especially when they get devoted episodes to them...
I hate it when 90% of all the characters have a sad backstory. It's almost like they are all trying to see who has it worst. Who...cares?
I have to agree with the Tsundere ones because they just seem...wrong.
Also the characters who are basically the protagonists and OBVIOUSLY the protagonists because they all have the same personality. The ones that are obnoxious and obviously care for their friends but are so overly outgoing and get themselves in shitty situations. I dont know how else to describe it tbh.
I'm tired of tsundere characters. For god sake, people, if you care about someone, TREAT THEM NICELY! If you treat someone badly, you'll only drive them away!
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