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Sep 3, 2015
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Why hello there, fancy seeing you here. 

This thread was made so I can sort out and better organize my drawings. I have too many drawings as it is and some of them I specifically drew for my friends for fun or out of request. This thread will be dedicated to the requests people have asked of me as well as any other drawings I did involving someone's OC. This will also be the main thread people can use if they want to ask me for any requests or pitch in ideas of some sort. All in all, it's a nice way for me to draw stuff and fix that itching desire for my hobby.

If you wish to submit a request, please note the following:​

I will not draw porn. (Sexy poses are acceptable.)
I work at my own pace.
First come first served.
I am not perfect but I am a perfectionist.

If you can accept these rules, you're good to go! I don't require a payment because this is all a hobby for me and I rather learn new things as I grow than accept cash for it. Keep your pennies and use them for something useful! A smile is good enough for me! 

So here's the way I will struct this thread. I will first post a sketch, then the inked version, then the final colored version (What a bundle!) I love to keep my friends updated and let them know early on if there is something I can change or if they rather I use a different pose. The earlier you let me know, the sooner I can fix it! If you like the sketching process, then I will darken it to fix out the lines. If all is well, the inking process will begin! Inking takes a LOT of time out of my day (because I'm a perfectionist) and it can take a while for me to update the drawing again. Last but not least, I will show the colored version. This is, by far, the longest process of the entire drawing, so expect a good wait on that. Once the drawing is finished, I will PM you as well as post it here for everyone to view. From there, you can do whatever you want with it.

I certainly hope that this thread will bring smiles to people wishing to give me a chance and encourage me to draw weird things and learn more as a growing artist.

So the first one in line is our DBZ nerd @"Vegetto". The following pictures are the process I took in order to draw his OC Vegetto head locking my OC Kire Rebbel. 

Drawing explained: Vegetto and Kire are angry fathers who cannot seem to get along when their children, Jaz and Junior, started dating. Kire is far too overprotective of his little girl while Vegetto encourages his son to get even closer with Jaz. Jaz, obviously, is not very happy knowing the two fathers constantly fight and bicker while Junior worries his father might end up accidentally killing Kire due to his strength. The lovely Cyclops next to the couple is @"LoopyPanda"'s OC, Mioi. She's very confused about why male parental units fight and try to assert dominance over one another. Earthlings are very odd to her and they probably smell bad too. 

Anyway, with all the details out of the way, time to show the process.


I have a request!

It relates to BoogaVerse! I would like a drawing of ShineCero and Negative, side by side (one half Shine and the other, Negative). The colors is up to your leisure, but in terms of appearances, Negative always wears a hood to cover his face.
Okie dokie. @"Vegetto", your drawing is finally finished! Hope you like it! I can add the bubbles later and update the drawing for you whenever you want! 


And, @"ShineCero" , I'll make sure to draw it. However, since I have my own personal projects in the wait, it will have to be after I finished one of my own drawings. But it shall be done, hopefully.  :wagh:
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