Your Favorite Movie?

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
We all must have a favorite movie or one that we watch all the times. What's your favorite movie and why? Action? Story? Funny? Give us the gossip!
Run, Forrest, rrrruuuuuunnnn!!!

I have a bit of love for war based movies, one of my favorites being Full Metal Jacket.
Nothing will ever beat my love for Beauty and the Beast and Chicken Run. Seriously the latter is so cheesy but it's so fun to watch over and over and over again

Although I gotta say I really love Kingsman: the Secret Service and Pacific Rim too :D
I really liked Inside Out to be honest! Gotta love Pixar.
Also Finding Nemo has got to be my all time favorite animated movie. :D
I love the Tinkerbell movie franchise so much!!! The movies are so underrated, but its like my favourite movie series.
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