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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
What's the kind of scene you like most in any medium? The team action scene where everyone shows off their abilities? The war sequence showing one or several combatants charging through hordes of enemy goons? The quiet dinner following a tragedy? Or even the symbolic skyline scene with a character or characters looking at the sky?


My personal favorite is the quiet talk between two super powered beings after an intense battle. For a moment all the costumes, powers, and histories of the characters are stripped away and you're left with just who these characters are, either defining or defined by their costumes, powers, and histories. General this ends with the villain's death, though sometimes the hero's, depending on the story.

In fact, this scene alone, makes me like Age of Ultron more than anything else. It's still not a very good movie but, I'm glad something like this came out of it.

This scene alone is perhaps the greatest thing that came out of Adventure Time. The lack of music, the sheer voice talent of Ron Perlman (he also voices Slade); the lack of comedy whenever he appears, everything gets dark. 

I believed this scene embodies the concept of how villains should operate, at least the serious ones. Keep comedic villains to comedic villains and leave villains such as these an example of how truly terrifying one can be. There's another scene called Crossover, where Lich makes another iconic line, but this one takes the cake.

The build up of how the Lich stood in silent for the entirely of the episode because his purpose came to a halt, but the moment an opportunity strikes, he took it without hesitation. The fact that life, something he wished to destroy, is his ultimate weakness is nothing more than sheer irony; something that is lost in the newer seasons of Adventure Time. It's a utter shame, a crime actually, that we never going to get an proper conclusion of the Lich.

This scene hits me so hard because I always imagine Kire crying over Evelyn's death despite it being years after it happened. The pain is still genuine for him and is still as fresh as an open wound. All he wanted was to live his life with the girl of his dreams, but fate keeps messing with him, even after he tries so hard to be a good person. Not to spoil too much (though I kinda already did...) Evelyn was the only one who didn't give up on him and it completely changed Kire's path from one of destruction to one of truth. Because of her, Kire owes his life to Evelyn, for if she never came into his life, he would most likely be lost.​

This also hits deeper to home since Mako voiced a lot of memorable characters that I grew to love (Aku and Uncle Iroh, just to name a few). I always cry at this scene because not only was the episode dedicated to Mako, it's almost as if he knew his fate, which unironically makes the song even more sad for me. It's such a beautiful song, and I personally believe, the people wrote this just for him. ​

It's almost as if the audience is Iroh and Mako is the son. The audience only wished they could've helped Mako, our brave soldier boy, and just like Iroh, the people who watched this cried for Mako.​
This isn't very deep, but I like moments like this in casual conversations where nothing crazy has to happen for you to say anything meaningful. It's just simple enough to relate to but I love the shot, the atmosphere, the tone... it's a very simple transition scene just before Mia snorts a fat line of coke and they go dancing but you can see the very simple mannerisms based on each character's personality or feelings in that moment also the very subtle hint Uma Thurman gives you that her character is an addict just before she uses the "powder my nose" excuse to snort some sugar


idk, I just like casual talk scenes like this but it's no-nonsense kind of stuff, as brief as it may be

The distinction I'd like to appreciate here is that these two are basically strangers trying to make the fact they're strangers a little more comfortable with chitchat to fill uncomfortable silence. Between friends, silence isn't so deafeningly unbearable. Also your friend may not be a drug addict like Mia

Next post I'll try to find a "deep"/"profound" scene of some sort​
ShineCero said:
The lack of music, the sheer voice talent of Ron Perlman (he also voices Slade); the lack of comedy whenever he appears, everything gets dark.

I didn't have a detailed response so I just wanted to make a side note real quick.

I played a video game with Ron Pearlman voicing a DLC character. He phoned those lines in so hard. It was horrible. Yet he does this.

Don't need to mention anything. Just the pure, smooth animation fight with this scene is just  :eek:k: :eek:k:

This episode, in my opinion, is one of the best episode this series had to offered. It showcase the more brutal tactics of Cartman that continues to degrade, belittle and outright cruel in every possible way to avoid the fight (and rubbed it in Wendy's face, whom powerless to do anything at the time). Thus, leading to the build-up of this right. It wasn't the matter on who's winning the fight, but rather that Wendy (especially after Principal Victoria hype her up with her speech) fought against the "cancer". Some people cannot be reasoned it, so the only thing is to destroy. 

The fact that Cartman immediately breaks down and didn't want to be uncool to his friends, only for said friends to flat out tell him repeatedly that they don't even like him in the first place, and their opinion couldn't possibly get any lower was just icing on the cake. We all had that one person we know that's kind of a shit head and says a lot of fucked up stuff :lmao:
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