Your Favorite Anime/Manga Character


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Sep 3, 2015
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Simple question for a simple answer. Specify anime ad maybe a reason if you feel like it.

I have many faves so I'll just post little by little.

One of my top faves is Minatsuki Takami from Deadman Wonderland. I loved her progression of character in the manga wayyy more than the anime (but the last few episodes she was in had a nice dialogue). Too bad a lot of her personality sort of got lost in the dubbing process so everyone ends up misinterpreting her. :/
OMG there is way too many to choose from. Well...

As of now, I'm a major fan of Nic from Gansta.
*gulp* I know you're all gonna like, laugh at me for this, but believe it or not, Issei Hyoudou from Highschool DxD is my favorite.

I mean, I LOVE the character development he goes through as the series progresses. He started out as your average Joe who's a huge pervert and has a big problem with addressing girls by their first name (They fucked this up hard in DxD's dub), but turns into an ass-kicking dragon who overcomes his fear of betrayal, and he can kick some ass compared to the first few Light Novels.
How can we not love Saitama? He's too much.

Another favorite of mine is Isaac Westcott from Date A Live. He's like the bastard child of Japanese Lex Luthor and Joker, except not untouchable (because of political influence. He's untouchable because he has a seemingly OP bodyguard) and even more insane.
I'll get flack about this but Minatsuki Takami from Deadman Wonderland is ome of my FAVES.

Even though the anime made her development and overall persona shallow in comparison to the manga, she really isn't as manipulative and psychotic as she pretends to be. I just wish people would understand her sadism is more or less faked (though she definitely is far from angelic and kind) and there is substance to her besides being a gimmicky trope. Though it did take Ganta and her brother to make her actually believe people were trustable and started being less cruel to them. I mean, she joins Ganta's team halfway into the series and is genuinely upset about him and Shiro fighting. BRUHHH

I do have my own theories to why she is so multifaceted but that's for another day.
Tough question. Aside from the obvious from OPM, I'll pick another anime. Kazuma from sCRYed is one of my favorite characters. Badass, strong and plain doesn't give a damn and has an awesome set of attacks.
I am actually a big fan of Trigun. I like the story behind it and what Vash really is. It inspired me a bit to make Red Spade and perfect Jaz.
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