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Yes hi hello, it is meeee

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I know I posted a hello post back around the time where I was first on the site where I was kinda(???) active, but hi guys! It's been awhile since I was really on here, but I'm gonna try and be a bit active here and there since I have an okay-ish laptop to use right now. (Boyfriend got his own computer tower/monitor, so he gave me his old laptop that's a bit better than my old one, lol) At any rate, just wanted to say hi to everyone again(for anyone who remembers me that is. :'D)


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Welcome back, Big Sis Suki! Hope you've been well in the time you haven't been online. It's always nice to see some old faces pop back in again.

~ Z ~

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This thread is now closed! If you wish to say hi, please visit the member's profile and give them a friendly hello! Thank you!
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