Worst Movie


Blue Jacket
Nov 24, 2015
Ever go into a theater or buy a movie with high hopes, only to have them shot down by how bad a movie is? Post about a video like that and why you didn't like it or how it could of been improved!
Dragonball Evolution is one of those movies that flopped big time. So it is one of the worst movies I've seen.
Final Destination movies make my eyes roll. The only mildly entertaining thing in any of them is just watching the death scenes (at least not the ones that are from stupid actions).
I'll toss up another movie. Pixels. 

It was painfully unfunny, the story didn't make sense and the overall concept of the plot that was actually good - but the pure execution and simply Adam Sandler being in it - made the movie trash tier.
Well, Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups" has got to be up there for the worst movies I've seen. Don't think it got so much as a grin out of me. 

Tommy Wiseu's "The Room"  could be considered "the worst" per se' since while it is well...the worst movie I've ever seen  but it's so bad it's actually genuinely laugh out loud funny so I'm not sure if it counts. 

Idk, The Room is the best worst kind of movie. If you took out Tommy's acting then it would just be a boring movie. But I think the whole thing and its memes make it a good kind of bad movie :lmao: It's meme-worthy funny to me. But it's definitely a film you wouldn't enjoy alone since you don't have anyone to laugh with you or crack jokes at it.
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