Why are you on writer's block? How do you get out of it?


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
As the title suggested, are you going through writer's block? If so, why? And what do you usually do to get out of it?
I am currently on a mini writer's block moment, however, I'm not at the same time. I know it's weird, lol. Let me explain.

I'm going through writer's block in the sense that I have not written the next chapter for Behind the Thorns but I already have an idea of how the chapter will unfold. So why haven't I wrote it already? Truthfully, I'm a little lazy but I am also thinking about the chapter afterward as well as some character interactions in certain chapters. My main focus is whether or not the chapter and the info I put in it will fit the overall concept I'm aiming for in BTT. If it looks and sounds cool, but has nothing to do with the overall progression of my story then I will cut it off no matter how much I like it. That's ultimately why I have writer's block; I tend to have too many ideas.

To get rid of this, I stop writing my story and take a step away from it to gather all my thoughts. After about two weeks, I return to the last chapter and reread it to get myself in the vibe of what I am writing. If that doesn't work then I listen to music and focus on lyrics to inspire me and certain scenes. Music helps me build X character and gives me an idea of how they will act in a given scenario. I view music videos and other shows that help me imagine 'If X character was in this scenario, how would he react?" Usually, what helps me best is making a whole scene in my head and take snippets to scatter them through the story in some way. Maybe that's just me but it's really hard for me to explain how I do things. xDD
Yeah, I think pausing for a week or two actually helps build you up as a better writer. You look at the story fresh from your mind and can see certain instances that could be worded better or changed. I.e. maybe the introduction was boring, overbloated, not long enough, too short, etc., so you make changes as you look in a new perspective.
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