What is your Village/Town/City/State/Province known for?


Blue Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
Famous speeches? Birthplace of a famous person? Famous invention?

Let's see, the city I grew up in was called the Rubber City (all of the major rubber companies started up here. Goodyear is still HQed here). Sojourner Truth also made a famous speech here. My home state is the birthplace of aviation!
The town I currently live is nicknamed as "Stadt, die Wissen Schafft" which literally mean "The city that creates knowledge". Used to be well known for mathematics (Gauss was here for a long time) and quantum mechanics. Now it is just a shadow of it's former glory.
The state I currently live in is the state where the Murrah Bombing of 1995 took place. (Kinda depressing but nothing else is very notable about Oklahoma)

My home island(s) Puerto Rico, is where Columbus "discovered" it. I was born on the main island but it's known to attract tons of tourists to the Yunque rainforest.
Florida is known for housing one of the oldest cities in the US, St. Augustine. Now, where I live, my place is known for frauds and robbery.
Texas- home of rednecks, cowboys and blistering bipolar weather
I think Oklahoma and Tennessee are known as the redneck states worse than we are, but the bipolar weather is probably our main one lol.

Come down to a state that gets snow in April and has over 100 degree days in December! :p
Florida is known for its massive floods sometimes.

We also eat Gators and keep their heads over our tables (Like deer heads over the fireplace)
Same State as Freak, but my town is well known for sports buffs that all believe they will be the next biggest player.... Other than that Ellet is booring...
The most dangerous city in 2012 was San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

That awkward moment when 80% of my family lives there.
California is home to the youngest and oldest Governor in United States History.
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