What is the most bullshit sounding true fact that you know?


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Sep 3, 2015
Ever come across something that sounds absolutely bullshit, but it's actually true? Post down some of the most bullshit sounding fact you ever know! 

Here's something I discovered while browsing on Reddit on this interesting tidbit:

In Paris, there is a Japanese Embassy that has a special 24-hour hotline for Japanese visitors who can develop debilitating psychological problems because the city is not as nice as they imagined it to be. It is called "Paris Syndrome".
Visual representation of Paris Syndrome:

Eiichiro Oda (mangaka of One Piece) and Avril Lavigne are fans of each other. He drew fanart of her:
She sung for some of the anime films's soundtracks (One Piece Z).

It sounds completely made up but this is proof that it isn't B| XD
Alzoru said:
Texas is bigger than the three largest countries in Europe combined.
Omg ur right...  :katroll:

I'm sure most who are well-immersed in the Youtuber dramas may know this but I'm posting it anyway

In May 2016, Matthew Patrick (MatPat of Game theory) joined ten other international YouTube personalities for a meeting with Pope Francis at the VI Scholas World Congress in the Vatican City, where they discussed how their influence on the Internet help bring people from various nationalities and cultures together by means of mutual interests. During the meeting, Matthews gifted the Pope with a redeem code for Undertale. Each person who was invited was supposed to being a gift for the Pope as a token of friendship (I believe most do this when they either meet him) that represented what the individual believed brought people of their country(?) together. So he picked UT. Make of it what you will.
When you get a kidney transplant, the old one isn't removed. So some people have three or four kidneys. :maybe:
Sloths are surprisingly good swimmers! I didn't even think they can actually move around, let alone swim like a champ.

LoopyPanda said:
ShineCero said:
When you get a kidney transplant, the old one isn't removed. So some people have three or four kidneys. :maybe:

This is a cursed fact

The fact Steven Universe is still going Bl

Truly a cursed fact...

Elephants can control their dick like a second trunk  :lordy:
I saw something in a reddit post regarding Trees and the roots system: "Trees have such intricate root systems that a tree low on one particular type of nutrient will acquire some from his neighbors and make up for it later. This is especially prevalent during the winter months when some trees don't have leaves and so need extra help from their evergreen friends."

It's actually true :wagh:
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