What Did You Do Today?

Work. Also did research on Spider-Man, Ultraman (Japanese Hero) and Multiverse theories.
Went to every single account, changed all my passwords, organized them in a proper manner in bookmarks, and documented down on a word doc. Just in case I forget 😂
Work on the forum. Once I got everything settled, I'll do the Dark Theme. Just need some feedback from everyone for anything I've missed.
Did some work on the forum. Afterwards, I did some worldbuilding(?) information about a story I'm working on.
Celebrated my sister's birthday. Went to the Mall, got tons of Hello Kitty stuff and went to the movies. Pretty awesome day!
Updated my playlists on spotify. Wish they didn't removed And the Beat Goes on though!
It was yesterday, but I did my taxes lol. Had to do an extension for something. Either way, tax guy brought down 4000 worth of taxes to 600
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