What are your Friend Codes (Consoles/Stream)


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Sep 4, 2015
Post your gaming info here if you so desire.

Origin: QW0PPAH
Friend Code: 2019-9911-5059
PSN: RoboticMGJS
My Steam is Knight Artorias (Make sure the location says Idaho), my Wii U and Xbox Gamertag is LunaticPsyker19, and my FC is 2251-6670-1623 :D
Steam Name: Grey Star

(Varies depending on whether I'm RPing with a certain group or not.)

Steam URL: endoftheworld22

And if you still can't find me.

I own this steam group.

Organized Disorder.
SPINAL133 PS3.....Hopefully for PS4 as well. Wish I had a gaming pc
My PSN: yungshiro

I have a steam but I barely ever use it. If anyone wants to game with me, best bet is PS4.
I realized that I haven't posted my 3DS friend-code:

It's 2938-5880-1885

I'm down with Smash and Pokemon Games :pimp:
My Nintendo name for Wii U is "JamesYTPMan", I'm JamesthePoopMan on PSN but I'm pretty inactive there and I'm PusoPimp on Steam, although I'm not super active there either.
Wii U NNID: BinoPrimo 

Use this along with Anthers Ladder + Online tourneys since my main one is basically already full.
Haven't updated since 2015:

Ps4/Ps5: SPINAL133
Steam: spinal133
FF14 online: Gandalf_TheBlack
Switch: SW-6190-7602
Discord: GandalfTheBlack
Yugioh Duel Links: Deamonte


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