What are you currently writing?


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
A straightforward topic, function a bit similar to “What are you currently drawing” topic, but a little more substances.

What are you currently writing? You can give out a brief premise of whatever work you’re writing. Whether it’s an original story, poetry, comic strip, fan fiction, etc.

You can even discuss one’s project if it prompts your interests!
I am currently writing Zenta's story, renamed Immortal Scars.

The premise is about a fox-beast (Zenta) going on a personal journey to help people in need if he comes across them. He comes across a strong-willed orphan and take her under his wing. He later calls the orphan Cuki. Together, Cuki and Zenta travel around, learning the many wonderful things in the universe. However, Zenta hides a very dark past that very few people in the universe know about, and he'll do anything to avoid another repeat of his past.
Currently writing Good Days. I have 12 pages done, and will add another three by tonight (Jaz and I have been doing deadline writing to ensure that we're on top of the works we're writing). I'll post the contents of the story on Friday or Saturday for critical review, so I can adjust and make improvements.
Bumping this thread. I've achieved 25 pages of Good Days (Second Draft). But now I'm currently revising *that* into a third drat, using a more streamlined-comic script version. That way, it'll be easier to convey them in storyboards, then later, the actual pages.

In addition, I'm nearly done with the first draft of Powerpuff Girls Burst. An sequel of the original series that follows the girls as young adults in the world of heroes. However, it turns out that they have a older sister--fueled by hatred thanks to the influence of the Professor's rival. It should be up by the end of this month.
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