What are you currently drawing?


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
A short, sweet and straightforward thread. Are you drawing right now? If so, what are you drawing? Posting artwork is not required.
Currently, my main art project is this: Drawing everyone up to Futaba with the different Wizard101 Magic classes, and labelling them as the Master of that class. 

Akira is Death Magic (Necromancy)
Morgana is Life Magic (Theurgist)
Ryuji is Storm Magic (Diviner)
Ann is Fire Magic (Pyromancy)
Yusuke is Ice Magic (Thaumaturgy) 
Makoto is Balance Magic (Sorcery)
Futaba is Myth Magic (Conjurer)
Currently drawing Brown and Zoey (Jaz's character) for Pokemon OCs. Might turn Heart of Champion into a fanfic since I'm still overly hype for the story, and want to see it continue one way or another.
Might have to postpone the Pokemon stuff... now I'm drawing cute things... and preparing for the Halloween one. Will post today
Drawing the Halloween stuff - I'm about to draw two more pumpkins and a ribbon. After that, I'm refining the sketch with the tracing paper I bought at Alabang Town Center branch of Art Bar.
Finished drawing a little comic strip.
Next, I focus on drawing either more DBZ stuff or Kire. Or both.
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