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Weirdest things you google?


The Strongest
What are the weirdest things you have ever google and for what reason?

I was googling dangerous chemicals that can kill humans quickly for a RPG.... hope the FBI doesn't come knocking down my door :p

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
I had to Google Earwax removal tips and videos because I accidentally got a cotton ball stuck in my ear. I found myself viewing more videos than I should have.

Grey Star

Red Jacket
"Bloody anime characters"

"Evil Ruby Rose"

"Blood Ruby Rose"

"Female W.D. Gaster"


Blue Jacket
I type fanfics, so my google history is always weird. 

For one, I googled if it was possible to put chloroform in the ventilation of a building to knock someone unconscious. Which, it turns out, you can. 

Another one, I had to google how many people you have to kill to be considered a serial killer. Which, is apparently 3 people, but it also banks on severity and brutality of the murders done. 


Please, FBI. I can explain


Blue Jacket
Hm...most eyebrow raising thing I googled in the past couple years was "how to tell if a cougar is coming on to you"... sadly for me the context doesn't make it any less odd, damn that was weird XD.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
I remember Googling all these things (maybe not in this order) but I find it hilarious. Most of the stuff relates to my RP.

What are chemicals that can kill people?
Of said chemicals, which kill the quickest? (I blame Shine)
Can Chemicals solidify?
Can you inject mercury into humans?
What are the effects of injecting mercury into the blood?
What does Mercury do to humans?
How does Mercury kill humans?
What is Morphine?
Can you overdose on Morphine?
Side effects of morphine.
Can too much morphine kill a human?
Cocktail of dangerous chemicals.
Zombie apocalypse
Evil zombie pic
Do zombies have rights?
Can a corpse burn faster than a human?
Zombie hordes.
How do bees communicate? 
Business suit
Bee dancing
Do bees kill the queen?
Are there king bees?
What's the difference between a bee and a wasp?
What's the difference between a wasp and a hornet?
[YouTube] Wasp/Hornet extermination videos.


Black Jacket
"What language do demons/God speak"
"Can demons speak any human language"
"Is enochian a real language"
"Asmodeus [- d&d]"

I swear I am not a Satanist. I just need... to research things.


Blue Jacket
-Ginger Ale pretty boy

In my defense, someone made soft drinks into anime boys on tumblr, and they didn't have ginger ale, so I decided to ask google, and google disappointed me