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Sep 3, 2015
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[font=Tahoma, sans-serif]Above image by the webcomic artist/author, Michelle Czajkowski.[/font]
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[font=Tahoma, sans-serif]STATUS: On hiatus - [/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif]Expected to resume in 2017. Month unknown.[/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif] [/font]
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[font=Tahoma, sans-serif]About the webcomic:[/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]Ava's Demon is a sci-fi/fantasy webcomic created by Michelle Czajkowski. The story is set on distant planets allegedly 1000 years into the future, about a 15-year-old girl named Ava Ire. She is 'haunted' by a demon named Wrathia Bellarmina, who takes joy in manipulating Ava's actions to make her life as miserable as possible. The story follows Ava as she makes her way across the universe, teaming up with the demon haunting her on a quest for revenge, while fighting her own inner demons along the way.[/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif] [/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif] [/font]
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[font=Tahoma, sans-serif]The story so far is 15 complete chapters[/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif] (chapter 16 in progress to completion), but you can quickly catch up since each page is essentially 1 'frame' in the story book. There are some intermittent animated videos as well accompanied by music. [/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif]The thread is for discussion among fans (or new ones) of the comic to discuss the story/characters/etc. Be warned for spoilers, of course. [/font]
I checked the first and second chapters of Ava’s Demon. I have to say, I am very impressed with the content I’m reading so far! The story was sprinkle more in the second chapter, but I like how it was slow at first, then began to pick up at a steady pace once they landed on another planet when Ava died.

So, it seems that Nevy does not remember anything from her past. That could make an interesting arc when Ava convinces her to join up. Another thing I rather concerned is Wrathia’s ambitions. Titan seems to be a jackass god, but it seems that Titan is beloved by all and the creator of everything. So did Titan created Wrathia and such? :think:
I'd be pretty taken off guard if he was in fact the original creator. Not that Wrathia is exactly trustable (after all she could be twisting the story), but it definitely brings into question how Titan overthrew all her empires and planets in one fell swoop overnight. Her status as a good leader is also questioned pretty quickly  (could be that her husband handled strategy rather than her more often than not).

It doesn't seem to be the case since in a later chapter that Titan created the different species, as Odin expresses how he doesn't buy into the cleaner story of Titan. I wish we knew about Odin more but it looks like that will have to wait for the hiatus to drop. He seems very aware of things since he knew their planet was to be destroyed before anyone else there. Not sure who Olai is though.

Nevy was the first person Wrathia suggested Ava to recruit, if I recall correctly, so it seems she must either have been a significant ruler herself or have extraordinary powers.
Yeah. Although I haven’t read more as I’m typing this post, I’m getting the whole “cultist” feeling when Gill was practically fanboying all over Titan—a person he never even meant. I also thought it was pretty strange Gill was practically immediately found after his planet got bent. As if they send those guys themselves in order to promote how good they are :think:
I have read up to the latest page, and I loved almost every bit of it, the worst part though, is finding the end of it...

Also, TITAN, is insanely creepy to me, like, that would would be my end man...

Wrathia's husband though, may have inspired Reaper a bit too...
Titan is like Big Brother extreme. Gil is definitely part of the brainwashed people who believe TITAN is an altruistic being, but Maggie has claimed Titan is a "corporation". Wrathia calls Titan, ofc, a tyrant. This some Big Brother level stuff
LoopyPanda said:
Michelle updated her twitter. Looks like we won't be getting any updates until 2017 now.

She didn't seem to explain much in the tweets folowing it. Looks like personal issues + the kickstarter, since she says it wasn't a good year at all XD

There's also a list of people who commissioned art from her as well. But, it seems she posts some art related to the comic on her Twitter (plus some gifs that possible allude to future updates?) to keep assurance that the hiatus in itself will not be permanent.
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