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Vampy's Art

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Blue Jacket
Hello Everyone, I'll be posting here my art...

I'm not very good yet so I mostly just copy, and this time I tried using my tablet...
Since I can't control it well I just drew it with a pencil then traced the scan and coloured it...
It toke me really long and I don't really like the result specially her face but I'm happy with it since it's my first try...




The Strongest
Unless I'm going blind, I see nothing strange about this amazing work! I like the combination of colors for her clothing and especially in the background, and this is your first time doing it on a tablet? That's a fine start for your first time! :D


Blue Jacket
Aww you did a really good job coloring it though! I love how soft and pastel-looking it is! For your first time it looks really good!


Blue Jacket
thanx a lot Syn and Shine!....
It's my first time colouring with tablet but I did digital colouring before...

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
I think it's adorable! It has a summer/beach vibe to it! The colors are very well picked, it suits the picture! :D
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