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Sep 5, 2015
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1. For the sake of convenience and to save everyone from confusion, please play only up to two characters at a time! (since everyone can have up to 6 characters). Please mark which character you're playing if they're not in the same situation! E.G. if I'm playing Vegeta and Piccolo, in two different situations, this will be how it's formatted:


Trying to hold back his laughter at seeing his cousin looking absolutely ridiculous, he looked the other way, trying his best to stifle a guffaw. Whatever Broly's aunt had just sent him, it was.... well it wasn't actually hideous, per se, but Broly and bear fur coats do not make great combinations. 

"You look --" He couldn't help but snort. "You look terrible!"



And just like that, his mood dropped dramatically. How could anyone say such a thing about the Knights? And so openly too? "Don't say things that you don't know for sure," he snarled.

And if the two characters are in the same situation, this is how it needs to be formatted: 

With a groan, Vegeta felt himself lifted up, and shook his head. How embarrassing -- face first on the floor because of... what did cause him to fall anyway? He looked around, still reeling from the pain, and saw his gunblade on the floor, a prime spot for one to be caught unawares and... 

"You really tripped on this thing?" Broly asked, slightly amused as he helped pick up the offending weapon. "I thought you were a little more meticulous than that?"

"Shut up, Broly," Vegeta grunted, getting on his feet. "Thank you, General." Carefully dusting himself off, he took his weapon back from his cousin. "Now then," he said, looking at both of them coolly as if nothing that happened just now actually happened, "what's the agenda for this morning?"

(In this example, the blue bolded dialogue indicates Vegeta and green bolded dialogue indicates Broly. When both the characters you are playing are in the same situation, this is how it should be written!)

2. Don't try changing the background story already in place. 

3. No godmodding/auto.

4. Please keep it safe for work

5. Observe all of Boogaloo's basic rules

6. Basic grammar is not compulsory, but appreciated so that everyone can understand!

7. Don't worry so much about post length -- one-liners are okay in most situations, especially if nothing of importance is happening. However try to match your reply's post length whenever you can! This is not a hard rule though so don't worry about this so much. Just have fun writing!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is an upcoming comic version of Tytania Chronicles, but none of it will affect the roleplay in any way. With this in mind, don't come complaining to me if the roleplay storyline doesn't seem to tally with the fanfic storyline, and vice versa. 


In the beginning, the universe was divided into thirteen. 

Each of these thirteen universes had an overseer, an all-powerful being known -- to the people, anyway -- as Gods of Destruction, and paired with a personal angel who has the power to undo any destruction caused by their masters. The thirteen universes do not intersect with each other, nor do they know of the others' presence, except the Gods of Destruction and the angels. Governing these "gods" was an all-powerful being, the Master, that creates as well as destroys; it is not known who this omniscient being is, but it was said they are the one who created the Gods of Destruction, as well as many other godlike beings to govern each universe and ensure the course of their time runs smoothly.

However, one day, a terrible evil, more powerful than all the Gods of Destruction combined, began devouring each and every one of the thirteen universes. It devoured the Gods, each of them meeting their demise in the hands of the creature, until it came to one last universe, the universe that belonged to the god Beerus. Fighting together with Beerus was the universe's greatest hero, a man with a pure heart and an almost infinite power. Together, the two old friends faced the monstrous evil, in an attempt to keep their universe from being lost forever.

It was said the battle between Beerus, the hero and the great evil lasted for thousands of light years, until one day the evil was finally sealed away, keeping the last universe safe. However, the destruction caused by the battle was too great -- almost nothing was left of the universe, not even in its afterlife. The hero, heartbroken at this destruction, asked Beerus and his Master for one last request: that the universe was restored, and that the light in his heart be used to ensure everyone, including his enemies, were reborn as good people. With sadness in his eyes and with final goodbyes said, the god Beerus destroyed the hero until only his heart, pure and filled with light, remained, and with this heart, the Master restored the universe, bringing all creation back to life, and rebuilt everything anew. 

It is the world we live in today, and we owe much to the hero and the god Beerus. However, such a terrible evil would surely resurface again, and so we must always strive to repent & give our lives and souls to the good of the universe, for if we don't, the evil will surely return again. We are the last legacy of the Universe, and we must ensure that this universe is protected for all eternity. 

                                                                                                                                                                         -- from the writings of Vegeta the 1st, First King of Tytania, 13th Year of the Zeal

The light of the morning sun had barely poured into his room when he woke up, bright and early as usual. Letting out a hefty yawn and stretched his arms, the prince got up, eyes bleary and thoughts still half in dreamland. Groggily, he turned to open the windows at the side of his bed, letting the morning rays stream into the large bedroom.​

Vegeta had an awful night of sleep the night before. He had such strange dreams last night, and the nights before as well. Floating in an endless void by himself, everything dark. He shouted for someone but no sound could be heard from his mouth. And then -- hard to breathe. Gasping desperately for air --- will he die here? All by himself? And when it was almost dark...there, before him, a light so bright, and then.... a hand reaches out to him...

He shook his head. "Same dream again..."​

Suddenly there was a pounding on the door of the Prince's bedroom. A loud, raspy voice of a middle aged man came through. He sounded displeased somehow.

"Prince Vegeta! You better open this damn door right now. Or I'm inviting myself in!"


The loud knock on the door followed by a highly familiar gruff voice jolted him from half-sleep. "Huh --- wha --?" he said, startled. Oh no, if Nappa was already knocking on the door, that could only mean one thing: he overslept. Again. And running late for morning training. 

Quickly Vegeta got up from his bed, scrambling for a T-shirt and track bottoms. Better be quick before Nappa starts ramming headfirst into his room! "WAIT -- GIVE ME A SECOND I'M ALMOST -- !!"



The morning was a good one, he mused -- the usual pre-dawn tinkering in the workshop, followed by a hearty breakfast of three different kinds of sandwiches and hot coffee, and now he was already within the halls of the royal suites, hoping to catch Vegeta still asleep and maybe running late for the morning training, like he always had. If Nappa wasn't already there, he probably would have crept in & started playing some off-key kazoo rendition of the national anthem directly into Vegeta's ear -- and that was precisely the plan he had when he saw that someone was already in front of Vegeta's door. Oh, Nappa already beat him to it. The early morning kazoo performance would have to wait. 

"Morning, Nappa!" he greeted. "Is Vegeta still asleep?"

Aaah, finally in Tytania! It had taken Paimon a little longer than expected to get here (as he travelled into the wrong direction once...) but now he finally arrived! The young man looked around on the big market he was standing on at the moment, in the middle of the saiyan kingdom's city. He felt a little bit nervous, being here without his parents for the first time, but mostly he was just curious about what would happen from now on.

Paimon had travelled here for once reason only - the tournament, The Great Trials! This obviously was a great deal along with the Millenia celebration, so the city was packed with foreigners and visitors, tourists. Paimon was here to not just watch though - he wanted to participate!
He didn't even finish his monsterhunter school yet and only had a limited license, but that still was enough to get jobs every here and there sometimes. He might not be as talented as his father and mother, but Paimon was determined to try and become one of the 13 champions - and show everyone that he had it in him to be a strong hero!

Now... he just had to find the registration first. Oh god, and he was hungry again. Oof.


The bald man stopped hitting the door when he heard the prince's respond from within. He stood still with his fist still raised, then grunted with a frown.

"I knew it..." Muttered Nappa. Vegeta was just sleeping in as always. He made a note in his mind that later he would give the lazy brat a real tough training to make up for the lost time as punishment. Just as he lowered his hand, there was a familiar voice greeting him from behind. The General turned and saw Paragus's son behind him.

"Morning." He returned the greeting, still not any happier. "Nah, he just woke up. BUT IF HE'S NOT SHOWING HIS FACE IN THE NEXT TEN SECONDS I'D GLADLY PUT HIM BACK TO SLEEP." The last bit he raised his voice so Vegeta could hear it.




It had been the second day she had been in this saiyan kingdom. Hadriana had learned a few things already. One: She liked the temperature here, and second: The people? Not so much. For someone who was raised to eat like a princess, she just couldn't stand watching these monkey-tailed people stuffing their faces.

The half-Dragovian tried her best to ignore the people eating rudely  in one of the stores her and focused on her parents instead. But even that was getting hard to bear...

"Come on, open up~" Her mother giggled as she fed her dad some of her food they had bought from a vendor along the way. Her father had to lean down to take a bite since he was so much taller than her. The two of them continued walking ahead, acting all lovey-dovey. It was actually really cute to see them still in love after so many years of marriage, but sure was boring to have nothing to do and no one to talk to.

She yawned, then turned to wander off alone. She had no fear of getting lost, seeing her dad could sniff her out anytime. Hm... Maybe she could go find somewhere to practice her moves. A day without practicing and she already felt so stiff. Saiyans were fight-enthusiast so she bet there would be lots of training ground here.


Paimon had wandered around a little, trying to get any hint on where to find the registration for the tournament without actually asking someone. He might be a little bit socially awkward in a new surrounding...
Suddenly the young man startled up from his searching state as someone that walked past him caught his attention. At very first his monsterhunter senses went through the roof because he spotted horns, a scaled tail and his trained nose picked up the scent of a lizard - but as soon as Paimon turned around to look at that person again, he just saw a Dragovian. Oh god... no need to freak out over something like this, Dragovians were accepted members of society by now!!
The young hunter felt a little bad for his quick assumptions of spotting a monster and rubbed his temples, then he noticed the obviously warrior-like stance this female had. She looked strong indeed... was she here for the tournament too?
Why not as her for the registration then?

"Uhm miss? Excuse me!", Paimon said a little louder and jogged after the Dragovian woman, seeing her turn around to him. "Sorry to bother you, but can you tell me where I can registrate for the tournament?"


Oh god he knew who the other voice belonged to was out there. BROLY. Why is he here of all times? Granted, Broly has been much earlier than him many times already, this shouldn't surprise him -- but still, that and knowing the consequences of being late made him panic just a bit more. 

Nappa's 10-second timeframe wasn't helping in the slightest, either. 




Broly could hear a soft "thud" from the door. He took a glance at the General. "Should we just break the door open?"


Nappa listened to the frantic sounds behind the door for a few seconds then sighed. He turned around to hold the door handle, shaking it a little, then pushed in. With a loud cracking sound the door broke from its frame.

He stepped inside the prince's chamber and was greeted with the scene of Vegeta on the floor. What an unfitting sight for the Prince of all Saiyans... The tall man picked Vegeta up to his feet by grabbing on one of his shoulder and pulled him up with pure strength.

"Seriously Vegeta..." He shook his head.




The dragon girl stopped walking to look at a jewelry stand on the way, just to see if there was any she could get her parents. Her tail moving calmly, brushing on the ground a few times. As she started walking again, the girl heard someone's calling and turned around.

Behind her was a young man, probably around her age, She didn't care to take notice of his feature really, because he appeared to be just a peasant. Hadriana was about to tell him he had better leave her be, but then she heard the question and couldn't hold back a snort.

"Pfft... You? Tournament?" Laughed Hadriana with one hand on her mouth. "Is this a joke?"  As her laughter ceased, her expression got a little threatening, with her eye-brows furrowed and a mean smirk. "You don't look like you can survive a few minutes in the Trials. Piss off, peasant."

With a groan, Vegeta felt himself lifted up, and shook his head. How embarrassing -- face first on the floor because of... what did cause him to fall anyway? He looked around, still reeling from the pain, and saw his gunblade on the floor, a prime spot for one to be caught unawares and... 

"You really tripped on this thing?" Broly asked, slightly amused as he helped pick up the offending weapon. "I thought you were a little more meticulous than that?"

"Shut up, Broly," Vegeta grunted, getting on his feet. "Thank you, General." Carefully dusting himself off, he took his weapon back from his cousin. "Now then," he said, looking at both of them coolly as if nothing that happened just now actually happened, "what's the agenda for this morning?"
(OOC: I have added a rule in Rule 1 regarding formatting and how to write if two characters you're playing as are in the same situation/event. Please do take note!)
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