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1. We are gleaning Tytania's lore from the following sources: Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super (including movies), Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2, FighterZ, Heroes, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest. Some Final Fantasy elements will also be present here, but only in the implementations of summoning and "job classes".

2. Don't try changing the background story already in place. 

3. Don't change anything that's already established in previous roleplays. 

4. Basically speaking, no retconning. 

5. Although the main premise of this RP is based on Dragon Ball and Toriyama's other works, I welcome additions from other series/fandoms. As long as you can make it fit in the current lore & world makeup, I'm willing to listen to them! For instance if you want to add something like the enemies from RWBY, or add the Moon Kingdom from Sailor Moon -- feel free to run them through here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is an upcoming comic version of Tytania Chronicles, but none of it will affect the roleplay in any way. With this in mind, don't come complaining to me if the roleplay storyline doesn't seem to tally with the fanfic storyline, and vice versa.



Approximately one thousand years ago, an unknown entity had caused havoc to the universe, destroying everything including the Other World, the universes, and all that connects to it- except for the legendary warrior, Son Goku, the deities Zeno, Beerus and the Supreme Kai of Time, the Angel Whis, and the Super Dragon Balls. With the help of the Super Shenron, Goku was able to have every being reborn make the whole universe start anew - but as a result, the Shenron had given more than what his powers allowed, and vanished from the face of the world. Goku, on the other hand, was reborn - as are all his enemies and allies, but at a price most terrible: none of them will ever remember him, or what he would mean to them. Goku was also reborn with his memories & knowledge intact, and was given the task to investigate the being responsible for destroying the old Universes.

Thanks to that, the universe was reborn anew. Many past enemies are reborn as good people (with the exception of a few), and the new world oversaw the rise and fall of whole civilizations throughout the galaxies; its most glorious one yet being the birth and rise of Tytania, a kingdom run by the rough but noble Saiyans. Magic, alchemy and weapons are now more widely used, but there are still those who remember and uphold the ancient ways of martial arts and the usage of Ki. 

However, an unknown evil lurks the prosperous land, seeking nothing more than gain the power that had destroyed the past evil - and use it to their own twisted advantages. Join Goku and his pals in their quest to become Tytania's noted champions - and unravel the ugly face of darkness looming ahead..

Starting saga: The Great Trials

The Tytanian Millennial Gala is here! People from all across the world are pouring in from all kingdoms -- and even planets! -- to join Tytania in celebrating a thousand years of prosperity and goodwill --- and its biggest highlight of all is The Great Trials, where warriors from all over the world compete to become one of 13 champions that will become the world's peacekeepers. A fitting event worthy of a kingdom run mainly by the battle-loving Saiyan race! Will you find your place among the ranks of these thirteen champions, or perhaps even be worthy enough to lead them? 



Central Tytania & Wyntre Tytania: Central Kingdom. Named due to its rich source of titanium, this kingdom's main industry is weaponsmithing and technology, especially in terms of transportation advances. Saiyans make up most of the population in both these kingdoms and have been ruled by the Vegeta line since its inception. 

Notable places:
Central Tytania: Delcadar, Alexandria, Peregrin Quay, Central City, Satan City, Mount Paozu, The Ox King's Palace, Kame Island
Wyntre Tytania: Arcadia, Orkutsk

Guardia: Named after the ancient kingdom that existed long ago, Guardia is known chiefly to be second in technological advancements led by Capsule Corporation (known to have given birth to and patented capsule technology), specializing mostly in portability and biological/bionic enhancements. Humans make up most of its demography, and it is situated some thousand miles away from the main continent along with its neighbour, Meridia.

Notable places: West City, Porre, Fiona's Forest

Meridia: a mostly Mystic kingdom, it is known to be the epicenter of education and knowledge, especially in the research of magic and alchemy. Namekians are the main race, as well as other races that make up the Mystics. It is also the only kingdom that practices a constitutional monarchy. 

Notable places: Medina City, Kami's Lookout, The Pearl Spires, gateway to Dragovia, Savella

Sky City of Zeal: Ancient city inhabited by a mysterious supercivilization. No one has ventured it before, but many know that it exists.  [THIS AREA IS INACCESSIBLE FOR NOW]

Dragovia: Home to an ancient people known as Dragovians, known in history to have the power to change form into dragons. Though wary of humans, they have since become more open to other civilizations, and is in close diplomatic ties with Meridia.

Hyfanua: An ancient submerged kingdom, it is the home of a specific group of mystics commonly referred to as "mermaids" (no one really knows what they call themselves). As with Meridia, it devotes itself into the study of magic, most particularly the study of summoning. As of recent, Tytania is establishing diplomatic ties to this kingdom. 

Notable places: Trodain


Delcadar: A bustling city noted for its manufacture of transportation that runs across Tytania. This is the capital of Central Tytania.

West City: Base of Operations for Capsule Corporation. 

Medina City: Formerly a village, it is now the capital of Meridia.

Trodain: An old kingdom that's now submerged in the Tytanian Ocean, it's now the capital of Hyfanua. 

Arcadia: Capital city of Wyntre Tytania. 




The Saiyans are known to be a proud warrior race that possess unique characteristics, such as being born with tails and have the ability to transform into giant monkeys in the full moon. Over time, and for the sake of preserving world unity, the Saiyans have since learned to control this. Now they are one of the most advanced species known to the world, and are respected as well as feared for their military prowess and generations of fair and just rule. 

The Saiyans originally were from the planet Salada, but they had a mass exodus due to the dying of the planet, and had been galactic nomads for centuries. While many of the ancient Saiyans eventually became rogue and went from planet to planet, leaving behind destruction, others held steadfast to their old ways, leaving planets only when they were about to be destroyed by natural means. It was not known what happened to the rogue Saiyans; many believed that they had died out -- but the other Saiyans eventually landed on a planet rich in titanium, near-identical to their home planet, and already inhabited by beings almost similar to them. The Saiyans soon made their mark on the planet, coexisting with humankind -- with a few bumps in their history here and there -- up until today.


The most abundant race in the world, they are known to be the most resilient and tough of them all, even if they didn't seem to be powerful. Humankind inhabit the world since the beginning of time, and although they have  been driven to near-extinction many times throughout history, they still remained, rebuilt their kingdoms, and restored their race, many times over. Such resilience was well-respected by the other races, and they know that humankind are not to be messed with -- history has shown proof of that many times.

Mystic: (Mainly Namek, but also includes Makyan, Frieza's race, etc.) 

Mystics that roamed the world were once known as monsters: they were often regarded as low-lifes and uncivilized, and were victims of mass genocides by humans for eons. It was due to the arrival of the Namekians on the planet that eventually put a stop to the killings and war between humankind and Mystics, and all Mystics soon banded together under one collective, unified race that was quickly acknowledged by the world for their magical power and vast knowledge. No longer do humans now think of Mystics as monsters (some argue that the Saiyans could be classified as Mystics themselves, but this was still under heavy debate), but as members of a race that are powerful, wise and far advanced than many.

The Namekians were not originally from the planet -- they were an alien race that fleed their homeworld when it was dying. Their involvement and advance in world history now classifies them as members of this planet, as they eventually settled down and marked their place in the world as the Saiyans did.


The Supreme Kai of Time 

(These characters are inaccessible as of now but will be playable later)


Mmmkay as anyone who's been RPing in the forum that must not be named for a long time, you'll notice that there's been like three different versions of the same premise (AND a fanfic too), and this is like, the fourth attempt at making this RP happen. Hopefully now that a few undesirable elements are out of the picture we can continue the RP as best as possible!

In this RP, virtually anything that's present in the Dragon Ball universe is nonexistent -- i.e. Ki is rarely used, in favor of magic and alchemy, and every character uses weapons instead of fists. Think of it as kind of a Chrono Trigger/Dragon Quest AU for DBZ. And although I mentioned galaxies, we focus on just one world first. 

Although it's primarily a Dragon Ball AU, in this new version, you can play as anyone from any fandom, as long as you can fit them into the lore. No elements that make up the Dragon Ball universe exists here (it's a fantasy AU after all, go wild!), so feel free to play as anyone!! 

Any questions and planning goes here! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Especially when it comes to worldbuilding! I'm still trying to remember everything I've ever written for this AU haha
I've been summoned from the depths and I'm hype for this but I can't remember almost anything about what kind of a bio I had going for Bardock all those years ago sob

EDIT wait wtf I have a bio in that thread?? Ok I have absolutely no recollection of any of that but NICE

EDIT EDIT Wow I applied for Gine and Lunch too?? I'm super fine with this, thanks past me!
Vivi directed me to this story and it sure sounds interesting to me! I'd like to join this fun :D

The Scarborough Sisters 

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme;
Remember me to one who lives there,
For she was once a true love of mine.

I: So then, your Eminence, you knew of the Scarborough Sisters personally -- one of them was even your wife. Do you think the legends of them being blessed by a goddess was true? If not, would you care to set the record straight for all of us, maybe even give us a little history about them that you know?
Paragus: (laughs) Legendary? Let's set the record straight here; the short answer would be no, they were not blessed by any goddess. The long answer would require me to retell their history again, which I will:

The Scarborough Sisters, as we all know, were a famous quartet of female Saiyans that had a huge hand in ending the invasion on our Kingdom Tytania that was led by Demon King Piccolo. Some exaggerated that their power were almost godly and had the blessing of a goddess, but the only surviving sister, Gine, would tell you that it was all hogwash -- they don't have god-blessed powers, but they did have the help of old Master Mutaito, who, believing that the power held by the sisterly bonds of the four girls would have the power to seal away Piccolo for good without anyone dying, taught them the Mafuba Sealing technique. Thus ended the terrible invasion by Piccolo, but it sullied our ties with Meridia for many years. With the help of the good sisters, the two kingdoms repaired the damage that has been inflicted on both kingdoms, physically & on the diplomatic ties we have had, and that was how the sisters were marked in the history of not only Tytania, but Meridia as well. 

It wasn't known why they were called the Scarborough Sisters in the first place -- even Gine wasn't really sure how or why -- but my research and further conversation with her have found that they were trained by a powerful mistress that was master of all three main disciplines we know of: magic, alchemy and Ki. It was this mysterious woman that taught them all they she knew -- Gine she trained to master Ki, the eldest sisters Niku & Chive were taught to master the art of Alchemy, and the youngest, Sharotto, was taught to master magic. When asked what the mistress was like, Gine simply smiled and said "She was like a mother to us when we had none."

After the war, the sisters have gone on to live their lives peacefully. Gine went into Law Enforcement, met and married Bardock; Niku went on to become a Royal Alchemist in the Kings' Hall, and eventually became Queen, Sharotto emigrated to Wyntre Tytania where she met and married the Duke there, becoming Grand Duchess of the Wyntre Court -- and Chive and I have had a happy family since. Sad to say, all but Gine have passed on to the next world, but -- I hope -- their brave courage and incredible resilience lives on in the hearts of their loved ones and the pages of Tytanian history for many years to come. 

I: Do you think you can tell us, for the young kids out there who haven't yet learned about the Scarborough Sisters, who they are? 
Paragus: Ah yes, of course. The eldest sister, Niku, was dubbed Sister Parsley, and my beloved Chive was Sister Thyme. Gine is Sister Sage while Sharotto was Sister Rosemary. Apart from these herbs being quite significant in magical and alchemical concoctions, I'm afraid I can't tell you the significance in their titles; I suppose the story behind it died along with their mistress. 

                                                               --- excerpt from The Weekly Tytanian Bulletin, 9th May Age 956; An Interview with Lord Paragus, pages 5-6, as its weekly feature story


"They say there's some old ruins in the northernmost part of the world -- about a 3000-kilometer sled ride from Orkutsk which would take about a week or so if you're lucky, you know how bad the conditions can be -- that looks like some old kingdom. Yeah, a kingdom on the coldest point of the world? Normally I'd think it's a joke, but I've seen it. 

The archaeologists already started work researching the place; thanks to how bloody freezin' it is, everything's preserved perfectly, and they found this old door on part of a wall that was still standin' even after what's probably millions of years old -- I'm not exaggeratin', they've dated it and everythin', and it really is that old -- with some strange circles and words written on the door. They haven't really deciphered it, nor could anyone even open the door for some reason, not even from the other side. Either way, y'know how dangerous it can get out there on the North point, so they had to establish camp miles away from the place. I was there helpin' them you know, gotta have a local guide after all. 

So one day we was at the ruins again, them archaeologists still investigating the place and also that door, when one of them finally figured out what the writings were. "I got it!" he was screamin'. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy!" And the others were goin', "so what does it say?" and the guy told 'em, "That's it! It says "easy peasy lemon squeezy!" You're laughin' now, but I'm tellin' ya, that's exactly what was written, and soon after the guy said it, the weirdest thing happened to all of us. I'll never forget it, Sarge. 

The door actually opened -- literally -- and we saw it doesn't even lead anywhere, just this vast blackness dotted with stars. It was incredible, Sarge -- it's like we've opened a gateway to another dimension! But just as soon as we opened it, something -- someone -- suddenly appeared in front of us. 

I couldn't tell you what the person looked like, Sarge, I can't seem to remember, I'm not even sure if he was real -- but he said something to us. Somethin' about the door bein' a door to "the old Universe" or summat. Says mortals aren't allowed to open the door much less figure out what was written. But Sarge, I tell ya, what happened after was the most shocking part of all. The guy just touches the scientist -- yeah the one that said "easy peasy lemon squeezy" -- and he disappeared! Not even a trace, and he was gone as soon as I blinked! I'm not jokin' Sarge, dammit, he was gone! 

I knew we did somethin' wrong, and the guy pretty much confirms it -- 'e just turned to us, and said in this damn chillin' voice: "No one must leave this place alive" or summat. I managed to run as fast as I could Sarge, I dunno how I even survived -- but everyone, the scientists -- all gone. Last thing I knew was seein' this bright light engulfin' those ruins, and everythin' went back to normal. But the scientists -- they just disappeared, along with all their equipment, like they never existed. I was there, Sarge, I ain't messin' around. 

Why didn't I tell the police, y' asked? Who'd believe me, Sarge? Ya had a hard time listenin' to this old man talk and ya askin' me why I didn't report to the police? No one's gonna believe me, Sarge. Go on and see for y'self if ya want, but I'm steerin' clear of the place."

                                                                                                                                                                                     --- overheard in a bar at Orkutsk


In the beginning, the universe was divided into thirteen. 

Each of these thirteen universes had an overseer, an all-powerful being known -- to the people, anyway -- as Gods of Destruction, and paired with a personal angel who has the power to undo any destruction caused by their masters. The thirteen universes do not intersect with each other, nor do they know of the others' presence, except the Gods of Destruction and the angels. Governing these "gods" was an all-powerful being, the Master, that creates as well as destroys; it is not known who this omniscient being is, but it was said they are the one who created the Gods of Destruction, as well as many other godlike beings to govern each universe and ensure the course of their time runs smoothly.

However, one day, a terrible evil, more powerful than all the Gods of Destruction combined, began devouring each and every one of the thirteen universes. It devoured the Gods, each of them meeting their demise in the hands of the creature, until it came to one last universe, the universe that belonged to the god Beerus. Fighting together with Beerus was the universe's greatest hero, a man with a pure heart and an almost infinite power. Together, the two old friends faced the monstrous evil, in an attempt to keep their universe from being lost forever.

It was said the battle between Beerus, the hero and the great evil lasted for thousands of light years, until one day the evil was finally sealed away, keeping the last universe safe. However, the destruction caused by the battle was too great -- almost nothing was left of the universe, not even in its afterlife. The hero, heartbroken at this destruction, asked Beerus and his Master for one last request: that the universe was restored, and that the light in his heart be used to ensure everyone, including his enemies, were reborn as good people. With sadness in his eyes and with final goodbyes said, the god Beerus destroyed the hero until only his heart, pure and filled with light, remained, and with this heart, the Master restored the universe, bringing all creation back to life, and rebuilt everything anew. 

It is the world we live in today, and we owe much to the hero and the god Beerus. However, such a terrible evil would surely resurface again, and so we must always strive to repent & give our lives and souls to the good of the universe, for if we don't, the evil will surely return again. We are the last legacy of the Universe, and we must ensure that this universe is protected for all eternity. 

                                                                                                                              -- from the writings of Vegeta the 1st, First King of Tytania, 13th Year of the Zeal
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