The Valentine's Day Plot

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate

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Name: Lily Prescott
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Appearance: A pale American woman with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing a white dress with jeans, grey jacket, and boots.
Items: A simple short sword, two flintlock pistols.
Abilities: None.
Class: Occult Hunter.
Personality: Lily has a shy and a relaxed side. Sometimes she's rather shy and tries to avoid as much conversation as possible, at other times she's willing to talk happily. Whenever she's handling stress well, she's freaking out on the inside.

Name: John
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Appearance: An old pale man with a head full of grey hair and bear, wearing a black suit with a "mayor" sash.
Items: None.
Abilities: None.
Class: Civilian (Mayor).
Personality: John fears death and is cowardly, but is still able to work hard and attempt to convince or rally people.

Name: Edward
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Appearance: A well built but getting old pale man in a shirt, jeans, and shoes.
Items: A sledgehammer.
Abilities: Above normal strength for a forty year old man.
Class: Civilian (Laborer).
Personality: Edward focuses on moving forward and keeping working, and has a deep sorrow for all the death around him.

Name: General Zaroff
Age: 40
Gender: Male
With a bushy mustache.

Items: Two great swords, and a high powered rifle.
Abilities: Able to manipulate another dimensions called the "Ink" which allows him to preform a variety of feats. Teleportation, healing, creature summoning, and elemental enhancement of weaponry.
Class: Occult Hunter.
Personality: Zaroff is a mission focused man, but enjoys himself often. He takes great pride in his hunting abilities.

Name: Erik
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Items: None.
Abilities: Similar to Zaroff, Erik can focus the Ink to preform many feats, but he fulfills more of a mage role. He can unleash devastating elemental spells, increase his running speed, and teleport.
Class: Phantom of the Opera.
Personality: Erik is a smart man with charisma and grace, unless you manage to cause him to unleash his wrath, which can lead to him becoming violent and angry.

Name: Fransisco
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Items: Doomsday Automaton...
Abilities: Zaroff's ability to manipulate the Ink is fueled into his genius of construction and creation of devices or monsters, some using the power of the Ink, others not. He is a Tinkerer behind his toys, but possesses super human strength due to a magical element long ago being bound to his blood.
Class: Arcane Engineer.
Personality: Fransisco is a genius and holds his creations in a special place in his heart. While he won't go crazy from someone destroying them, he does care for them somewhat, wanting to ensure each does their job and they do it well.

Name: Tichondrious
Age: Since time immemorial
Gender: Male
Items: None
Abilities: Tichondrious possesses numerous abilities as a being of the Nathraziem, such as: sending a wave of carrion at his opponent, entrapping an opponent in roots, healing himself from melee combat, and summoning down an infernal rock monster of demonic power. He can also fly and possesses demonic claws. He can manipulate the Twisting Nether to take form however he chooses.
Class: Nathraziem
Personality: Manipulative, cunning, intelligent, and relishes in torturing his victims. Like many other Dreadlords.
Name: Maylis Beau
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Appearance: Maylis stand tall about 5'9 ft and weight about 149 pounds. She'd has a slight muscular build and sports a few scars around her arms. She has blond hair, which she sports it as a pony-tail and has blue eyes. She wears a black turtle-neck sweater vest, along with comfortable jeans and combat boots. She has peach skin and wears black finger-less gloves.
Items: White Blade - Seems to be made from mysterious substances and materials
Class: Occult Hunter
Personality: She bares a rather caring personality, often becoming very motherly to those younger than her; this is due to always taking care of her younger siblings after the death of her parents. She always tend rely on thinking things through before jumping in other to reach a proper conclusion of a problem. 

What is the "Ink"? 
The Ink is a magical secondary dimension to the world of which Ink fueled magic stems from. Like the Nether from Minecraft or any other "other world" in fiction. A good deal of monsters come from the Ink as well. Its from the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing game series.

And the three of my characters who use it are also the atagonists of the story.
Name: Eva Tris
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Chestnut hair that goes down to her shoulders & hazel eyes. Wears a blue formal top with a black cardigan. With it is a black short pencil skirt and brown lace tights. Her boots are black leather with steel tips. Despite her business attire, she has the facial and body features of a young girl rather than a young woman.
Items: Spiked chain whip, multiple throwing knives.
Abilities: Gotta go fast
Class: Occult Hunter
Personality: To help concentrate, she thinks of many missions like a game with a score. She acts more childish than she should be and has a short fuse.
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