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The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
NOTE: This is in progress.... this is just a tease of what's to come in the future. Think of this as a Pilot

Five years have passed since the death of Spider-Man. After his death, there was no time to mourn—crime rates exploded, numerous supervillains moved more freely and the police force was unable to handle the workload. Queens and the rest of New York City are effectively in shambles; hope was all lost among the citizens. However, a few years afterwards, theft, robbery, assault, drug-rings, etc. began to dwindle down. A masked superhero suddenly appeared in the city, dealing with the abundance terror that reigns the city—this unknown hero took the mantle of that Spider-Man had left behind and continued his legacy. 

Chinatown, Manhattan

A series of police sirens blared through the streets on a Monday morning in Chinatown Manhattan, in a pursuit against an armored vehicle that just robbed a bank. No matter what tactical maneuver or strategy, they were unable to pull the car over. 

“Stop this instant! Park it now!” one of the officer shouted. “You’re putting too many lives in danger!”

In the armored car, there were five masked men securing their loots. “Just a few more blocks and we’re home free boys!” The driver said. “Just need to stop the damn blue rats from tailing us any further.” 

One of the three man in the back stood up and grabbed his AK-47. “That should be no problem.” He turned to the back door, opening one of them as he pointed his guns at the incoming police cars. An impression of a smile appeared on his mask as he unloads an entire clip towards them, shooting indiscriminately to stop them in their tracks. 

Several police vehicles stopped because either their tires popped or the glass window shattered. Others that continued pursuit fell into the storm of bullets, but it was not anything fatal and ended up smashing their cars onto nearby stores or apartment complexes.

“That’s the last of them.” The masked man said. “Alright, let’s get out of here.” He turned around, noticing that the driver was missing. 

“H-hey, where’s the driver!?”

The other three men, including passenger, turned to the empty driver seat, then turned to look at each other. After a brief moment of silence and utter confusion, they screamed as loud as they could as the armored car was heading straight into a public building. Before crashing, the armored car stopped mere inches away.

“W-what’s going on…?” The men continued to be confused of what is happening; all of them turned when the back door was tore away from the vehicle. 

“You know, it’s a bit early for you guys to start robbing in the daylight; people need their early morning sleep!” A young adult said with a red and white Spider-Man suit; he wears a black scarf around his neck as he places the door on the floor. “Alright, which one of you punks like to go down first.”

“Is… that Spider-Man? I thought he was dead.”  All the men exited the vehicle. 

“No… that’s not him. You can tell by the tone of his voice; this kid’s voice is a lot deeper. He’s wearing different suits, and the colors.” The man snapped his fingers. “That’s it! I heard rumors that a new spider-man was lurking around; this must’ve been him!”

“Ah! I’m getting famous around these parts. I was trying to keep it on a lowballed and saving it for something big, but when you stop enough petty crimes, words get around. Well, I don’t wanna drag this later than it needs to be, since you know, no one cares about exposition.” 

In an instant, one of the men crashed into the wall behind them, knocked out. The other three men narrowed their eyes—they could not see it happen. They were looking at the new, supposed Spider-Man and he never left their sight, yet, they were already one man down.

“What the heck is going on?!” One of the man said.

“I don’t know, but this Spidey seems to have a bag of tricks in his sleeves. Do not worry about it! Just spray this fool!” All three of them brought out their guns from their persons, but it disappeared from their hands before they can fire off a round. 

“W-what!?” One of the masked man said. “How…” He looks up, seeing the new Spider-Man has the guns in his hands.

“I’m telling you, people shouldn’t be waving these things around, or else someone else is going to grab them off of your hands. You know, like me.” The costume-man crushed the guns within his hands. “Alright…” He crouched down before instantly speeding past them. All three man fell onto the ground, hard from the new Spider-Man’s powerful and fast punches, knocking them out in the process. “Well… they’re down…”

“Eat bullets you copy-cat!” The man from the earlier scene unloads his entire clip towards the costume-man. The new Spider-Man simply caught all of the bullets with his hands, crushing it into little specks of dirt.

“I guess that was your last-ditch effort, right?” He extended his right arm, revealing a web coming out of his hand as it travels to the masked man. It grabbed onto the gun, yanking out of his hand before another string of web attached onto the man, as the costume hero spring himself forward and smashed him onto the ground with his powerful legs. “Now go to sleep; you’ll be waking up in Rikers where you belong.” 

Several police officers arrived at the scene, pointing their guns at the new hero that appeared. “W-who are you…? Are you Spider-Man?”

“No, the one that risked his life that day is dead. I am a new hero in town… so you can called me, Speedy Spider.” He waved his hands. “Take care of these guys, boys. I’m out.” He instantly dashed off in incredible speeds, picking up winds in his wake as newspapers flung around.

“….Speedy Spider…?” 

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