The Rainforest of Thion

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Sep 3, 2015
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The rainforest here rains constantly and is a generally warm and wet type of climate.

Deep in the canopy of the forest lies a village which the residents live in tree houses. Past the village is a large temple with abundant carpets of moss within. It is said to bring fortune to the kindhearted, and curse those consumed with greed. Coming here during a full moon guarantees bad luck. Or, so the superstition goes. It's generally much too dark to normally enter so one must enter the temple with an oil lamp the monks leave for those wishing to pray to the Guardian of the forests. The inside of the main temple house has many arrays of candles lit, as modernizing it would desecrate the ancient grounds.
Many villagers have reported a hazy canine figure with bright blue eyes perched atop the temple late at night on certain moon phases. It only disappears after it is sighted however.

-This is a suitable area to fight in, but due to superstition, the fights must be done far away from the temple. Unless you wish to be cursed.
-The temple is a large series of structures. The main temple is where the monks keep it in condition. For some reason other parts of the temple remain untouched, overgrown with plant life.
-God modding is not allowed as usual.
Yutsuko walked into the village, looking around in awe at what she saw.

"Wow!" She exclaimed. "I've never seen a village like this before!" She continued walking, not really sure of what direction she was walking in.
"I heard it's going to be a full moon tonight..." said one of the villagers by the shops in the village.

"Yes, I plan to stay indoors with the children tonight. I don't want to end up seeing that figure like the last full moon." Said the other woman.

"Do you think it'll show up again at the temple?"
A paladin in armor rode into the village on his warhorse, looking up to the tree houses. The man dismounted and patted his horse, which began to wander off and eat shrubs and grasses.

"Another village... I wonder if they had to deal with the undead plague." Gold muttered to himself.
"Really? That sounds interesting." Nova replies, looking back.

He keeps his eyes towards the ground to avoid anything dangerous to touch.
"They need to keep their skin wet. They're very cute! Not as fuzzy as caterpillars, but they're good at putting you to sleep. I wouldn't pick any up because some have neurotoxins or worse through their sweat glands." Eve followed, keeping a hand on him so she wouldn't trip.
"I guess so. Not surprised that villages are around here..." Eve knelt down and looked through the foliage intently before grabbing something. "Gotcha!" She stood back up and opened her hand a bit for Nova to see. "This one is a common tree frog it seems."
Damian walked through the village. "Man, this is a small place. I wonder if dad and Mom are doing ok. Well, better rest for the night. this way I can be in tip top shape if a hollow attacks."
A small creature slowly descended from the sky to eventually land on Eve's head.

"What realm am I in now~?"
"We're not entirely sure ourselves." answers Nova.

They arrive at the town and Nova looks around for something to wash his hands with.
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