The Promised Neverland - Shirai Kaiu & Demizu Posuka


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Sep 3, 2015

Premise: Life is peaceful for Emma, Norman and Ray, three children of a special orphanage directed by Isabella, a sweet woman they all call "Mom". In this house surrounded by a large playground and a forest, children of all origins are raised with love and care, the only constraints being the regular tests of knowledge that establish a ranking by score, and the forbidding to go near the main gate or beyond the forest. Every child is eventually sent away to a foster family, sooner or later, but always before their twelfth birthday.

Being 11 and the top-ranked children of the orphanage, our protagonists know they will be the next to leave after the little Conny. But while they thought they would see her off, they witness something they shouldn't have and discover with horror what kind of "foster family" the children are sent to... Now that they know the truth, they will have to find a way to escape from the house and save its children before they turn into the next dish on the menu. But their once-beloved Mom doesn't intend to make their mission any easier. A battle of wits soon engages.
I love this manga so much. It has literally all the aspects I like seeing in stories. Suspense, psychological etc is right up my ally. B) I've been going around reccommending it to people (as you might have noticed xD )
Anyways how far have you read?
I'm up to date with the manga (unless they released a new chapter today since Boku no Hero updated xD)! :pimp:

Only criticism is that, I felt that it drag out a little to long for certain chapters. Though, I assumed that Shonen Jump trying to stretch it as much as they could. :think:

With that out of the way, I never thought that Norman would kicked the bucket (I think?). So Emm and Ray are taking it really hard. Mama trying to persuade Emma into becoming a Mama was fucking fuck my dude; especially she changed tone when Emma refused, but that's got me thinking. Where are the other humans? Are there more human farms or it just one big ass circle? :think:
Another chapter came out yeah. Hmm i never noticed the slow pacing, maybe because i read most of it in one go? xD
But damn last weeks chapter was a real cliffhanger, and this week's one has put the series in motion again . :D
Just read the latest chapter, whatever issues I have with the pacing, it's gone now  :goood:

My bro Norman is still kicking! For a second there, I thought Ray was just going to committed suicide, but damn, what a twist lol. Ripping off their own ears... jesus. Did not expect that. 

I wonder what Norman saw? And looks like Mama is about to go on a rampage xD
Never thought that they would actually escape. In fact, I was holding out that there will be some twist at the end, but thank goodness that they managed to get the heck out of there. Then... the other kids disappeared :wagh:

I wondered if most of humanity was wipe out or something :think:
For some reason I dont like the fact that they conveniently found a book that helps them survive outside..its still interesting to follow though.. I wonder where theyre going with this.

I personally wouldnt have minded it if they ended it after the escape, but this is fine I guess. XD
Since the anime is coming out soon, I think it's a good time to start picking up this manga again. @"LoopyPanda", I think this manga would definitely be up your alley in terms of content.
I didnt expect Uverworld to sing the op! 

I'm so happy to see this animated!! The end part of the forst episode really gave me a jump scare. XD
But yesss this will probably be Anime of the Season for me if it's executed well. :D
So far it been six episodes and I'm impressed with the season so far. It's been a while since I last read the manga, but I'm liking the intensity between the characters and those "crazy faces" scenes. 

Don knocking the hell out of Norman and Ray was pretty awesome, yet, dramatic.
It finally ended. It was a solid adaptation...too bad a lot of internal monologue was cut but oh well. 

The last episode still makes me so sad because of reasons... Isabelle’s music theme really does something to me ? I love her as a villain and as a character!

I’m rereading the manga now instead of weekly to enjoy it more and I have to say it’s still really fun to read!
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