The Next Generation: PS5 vs XBSX


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Sep 13, 2015
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So with the next generation coming next moth from both camps who is buying which? PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S? The recent acquisition of Zenimax by Mifrosoft gives them control over so much popular IP, does that change things for you?
Sony has had some of its exclusives ported to PC recently, and more surprisingly a first party Sony game Horizon Zero Dawn (my personal favorite game) has also shockingly made it to PC. Does that change things for you?

I find next gen to be the most interesting and probably gonna be a fierce fight. Microsoft is showing a very strong dedication to gamers and games, unlike 2013s flop of Xbox One launch. This time around it seems like Microsoft has the upper hand in terms of raw power and the subscription model for buying an Xbox seems very compelling. Buying Zenimax was a huge move and a shock honestly. So many legendary IP in the hands of MS now which could potentially be locked out of the PS5 in the future. The Series S might bring headaches to developers but it has got a very compelling price, only time will tell if it was the right move, it could go either way.
Sony as always has great exclusives, but with them committing to PC now as well they lose some of their edge. The cheaper console with the same full power as the more expensive disc one is quite compelling though. The new controller could turn out either way, depending on how developers take advantage of its extra features. Overall it seems to me Microsoft could win this, but I'm always biased to Sony so I want them to win.
I’m definitely getting the PlayStation 5, mainly because I’m more familiar with their consoles compared to the Xbox Series (and the last time I owned an Xbox was the original 360… lol). Though, I’ll probably buy it when the price does down in the year like I did with previous systems and/or a new revision comes out.

I do like the idea that they have a digital version of consoles for digital consumers. Even before the COVID hits, Sony saw a huge surge of digital downloads compared to physical games. It won’t be surprising when the next generation for this one will probably gear towards digital-only (rip GameStop).

I personally don’t care for exclusives too much aside from original games (i.e. God of War games should remain PS since its their original series as with Mario and Pokémon on a Nintendo console). As long it gives more people access to amazing games, like Horizon Zero Dawn (I bought the game, haven’t had time to sit down and play it yet), I say that’s a good way to do.

Microsoft straight-up buying Zenimax was a damn shock though. That’s is huge, and potentially DOES mean at some point in the future, Skyrim and Doom could remained exclusives to Xbox and consoles. I wonder how Sony would counter that? Spider-Man ain’t gonna be enough :wink:

Unless they made a deal with Disney to have sole exclusive rights to Marvel games solely on PS consoles. :maybe:

Xbox Series S’s pricing is definitely too good for the content it offers. I won’t be surprised if we seen a surge of preorders for this one.
Yeah the Zenimax was a huge bomb by microsoft. But Microsoft has been into xbox game pass recently and commited to bring games to PC as well so PC people have less of an incentive to get xbox. If Sony puts GoW on PC then they basically also make PC people less into buying PS5. I don't how much of a percentage of potential buyers PC people are, but I guess it's worth the profit for them if they are doing it.

An issue I see for the Xbox is the storage expansion price, it seems that a special card is required to be bought and it's a bit expensive at $220 for 1TB. PS5 seems to accept any NVMe SSD which could have varying costs based on the drive the user chooses but there are some bad NVMe SSDs. However, the Xbox storage expansion card seems to me like a very easy thing to install for casual users. NVMe SSD installation is not as easy, needs a screw driver and understanding of how the slot works.

Furthermore, there is the backwards compatibility with previous games. Microsoft is pushing for that real hard. I read today that PS5 might not support transfring saves from PS4 to PS5. Sony looks behind in that department. IDK how much it matters in the grand scheme of things but looks like an extra point for Microsoft.

Regarding new revision, for Microsoft it looks like they are working towards it. Phil said something that could be interpreted that way, also the way they name it Series (letter) makes it easy to add extra letter for extra consoles. If they are already working on next console and Sony not then that gives them a good head start, AMD (the surce of chips for both consoles) already has roadmaps of future chips that Microsoft (or Sony) could look into for better planning. This gen could be shorter considering last gen had a mid refresh.​
Did anyone see the new interface for the Playstation 5? Looks pretty damn smooth :thinking:
I did. I'm impressed with the PS% UI. Xbox also seems to have improved on their own as well. I like they ability to quickly get back to a game you were playing with both consoles. But PS5 is taking it a step further by allowing the system itself to access levels of the game directly. Stuff like this carrying over to PC would be great.
Yeah, that's very, very good.

@Ploep also linked me a twitter about people making customizable designs for PS5 case... which if I recalled, never happend to any of the consoles (as far as I'm aware, aside from different colors controllers for the Nintendo Switch). I wonder if that means that they won't be releasing any official colored designs aside from video-game related thing (i.e. God of War theme PS5 and whatnot).
Playstation 5 launched yesterday, and everyone is going nuts over it.

I think its incredibly shitty that some people buy the consoles in loads, then resell them at a higher price. Don't know what can be done with that issue, other than simply don't buy them and forced their hands to get a refund on them.

I didn't get on myself, since I'm more of a "wait a year or two" kind of guy so they can resolved any issues with the new console launched.
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