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Feb 17, 2017
My name is BrightSeranade,
I am just a unique bag of cheetos packaged in a big bag of uniqueness ,I love to express myself and be a total different and wacky weirdo and I am proud to be who I am,I can be a very random oddball so toss icecream freely my way :0,I love to cosplay as anime characters a lot as well as a neko and a teddy bear in real life,I love a lot of brand of scenery's that are from viewing the glimmering oceans and imagining the beauty that lies beneath the waves to watching the broad horizons and thinking how we all cross paths and have strong friendship based on the thin red that patches the sky all across the world we view the same sky ,to observing the stars twinkling in the night Sky's and modifying thier glory as each new star is born,I love to play instruments ,read ,write and do a lot of everyday things like getting into college online ,to playing video games,and being fan crazed to anime and manga,I love to learn new things everyday especially cultures and different languages and I am a huge fan of Vampire Dairies,The Secret Circle,Ounce Upon A Time,The Originals,Game Of Thrones,Reign ,and many much more,while I as well hold love to musical broadways such as Wicked,Les Miserables,I love to stretch my imagination broadly by putting my imagination into my Roleplaying ,And I always fear that my Roleplaying would be judged for I am somewhat new so please take it easy for I am new to the roleplay world and experiences you all are such lovely people and I am happy to have joined a peaceful and happy enviorment for ounce!If any want to know me just ask away I may get shy but I do not bite! 
Nice to see you here! We hope that you enjoy your stay! Make tons of friends and have fun! :thumbs:
Hi and welcome for the board! There's plenty of RPing to go around that you can join! We've got plenty of discussion threads for the animus and mangos so feel free to click around and explore at your leisure! If ya need anything, just ask! <3
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