The last show you watched!

Watched New season premieres of Law and Order SVU and Organized Crime!
Dave on Hulu. It's my type of Awkward Guy comedy and I wasn't really drawn into it because of the guy who made the show (who apparently is a rapper, and the show is based off his industry misadventures or something). I vibe with it
Saw Attack on Titan: Final Season Part Two.

I forgot much of the manga since I last read it, but man, this is pretty damn good. Definitely a fan of the opening song!!
I'm on season 1 episode 3 of Breaking Bad, since it's on Netflix now and I realized I haven't actually watched it from the very start. Holy shit, episode 2 at the end was such a bone-chilling round of the effects team showing off how well they can emulate gorey stuff. It was nauseating and fascinating at the same time (I promise I'm not crazy, I just love special effects and props). Really sets the "shit just got real" tone.

And all so I can watch Better Call Saul. I'll let the squeamish people know if they can tolerate the show in good time lol
I finally made it to the third season of Stranger Things on Netflix. That is the most coolest show I've watched. Love it so much!
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