The General Convo: We're Cosmic Now

Do you post on your phone? Assuming so, you can use the enter bar to add space between sentences and/or paragraphs. If you are copying and pasting your content from another source, you need to paste the text as "plain text".
Then you should be able to simply use enter after each sentence. I did check your posts and it seems that you're using "align=justify", the one with 4 bars next to the two As in the editor. :thinking:
Yeah I like using justify with long paragraphs so all lines end together.

But no matter how many enters I add between paragraphs they all disappear after I post.
Well it just worked here.
Alright, I did some tests.

When using justify, rather than wrapping the entire comment, it will make individual paragraphs in its own wrapping. Thus, it will remove any spacing. To get around the issue, you need to post out your content, click the view-source button, highlight your text and then use the align button. This will allow you to see the spacing between sentences.

It seems to be a bug in sceditor that mybb uses (when you try to click justify, it still clicks on other alignment as well). Hopes this makes sense!
Yep. It been a week or so, and it seems that everything is working as intended. Hope there won't be any more bugs :thinking:
It's been several weeks since I saw this video, and I still don't understand what the FUCK I just watched. :sob:
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