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Sep 3, 2015
Drawing is Power
Credit: LoopyPanda

The Boogaloo Crew Draw Thread

The purpose of this thread is to help the artist grow and explore outside of their comfort zone, by offering them the chance to tackle requests from various members. Furthermore, artists can drop in their drawings they have done at any time and have other evaluate your skills! Any artists, regardless of the tools you use to draw such as Photoshop, painting, sculpting, or any form of expression, are welcome to join in the fun. All quality is also welcomed, regardless if you’re a beginner/first-timer or an advanced artist.

Requesters are free to request anything they want and the artists can choose whether or not they want to tackle their requests. However, there are several things to keep in mind when you submit a request:
  • You can do only one request. If your request is not fulfilled by the end of the 6th week, you can submit a request again (whether it’s the same one or a brand new one).
  • Be clear with your request and reasonable for artists to accomplish.
  • Do not ask for a specific artist by name to handle your request in this thread. Once you submit a request, any artists are free to tackle it.
  • All artists are different styles. Do not ask for a specific style; artists have freedom of how they approach the style for your request.
  • It takes time and effort to draw. Have patience and do not spam the thread asking the completion of your request. 
  • Post thoughtful criticism. Don’t drop one-liners.
  • For Artists: Do not add anything that wasn’t stated in the request. Follow their request as close as possible.
  • Multiple Artists can do the same requests, so don’t be afraid to have a crack at a particular request, even if it was picked by another artist.
  • NSFW is forbidden.
  • Artists, feel free to post anything you have created and want to share. Even if it wasn’t a requested work, we would love to see what you’re working on!
If it wouldn't be too much, I do have a request.

I would like a picture of a character of mine. I don't really care for the type of picture, or the pose, as long as it's a clear picture of her. I'm letting the aritst(s) take whatever liberties they please if they feel it improves the drawing.

A woman, not yet an old lady, but also not a young adult either, she's aged, but still in the prime of her life. Her face is unscarred, even though she's seen many battles. Her body is similarly untouched. Her body is slim and slender, not dangerously skinny, but healthily lean. Her skin is pale, pale as a winter's night. But the skin is soft, it's not rugged, even if there are powerful well developed muscles underneath. Her eyes are wide, she is curious about the world around her and where she can be compassionate, but they carry a gaze of burden snd sadness, worn down by the pain of the past. The eyes are an ice blue. Her hair is work in a bob, long enough to carry classical ideas of beauty while still a practical style. Her hair is a pristine white, an unnatural color of winter. Her bob cut is shoulder length, nothing more, nothing less. On top of her head are two cat ears, relatively sized for a human, and from her back a white cat tail.

Her common expressions are the anguish of family killings, the rage of betrayal, and the smile of unlikely kindness.

Her clothing is simple. A plain white shirt, sometimes with a white and blue jacket for the cold, wearing either blue jeans or blue jean shorts for the warmer months. Silver lined boots rest on her feet, and sometimes a blue mask is worn to hide her identity. Depending, a gun mental grey weapon is in her hands, a bastard sword, or a magnum gun, where the hilt / grip respectively are of a different material from the rest of the weapon, and has an electric blue pattern emblazoned on it. The weapon, no matter it's form, is always named Broken Oath.

I based a lot of her appearance off this piece of fan art. Not mine, obviously.
@"Grey Star" Star I'm not to undertake doing a complete full-body of this (I can't do those for even myself because it's such a laborious task tbh), but I could definitely manage a bust with some flat coloring without much trouble. It's not a guy this time so I can definitely do it without struggling much :p

@"~ Z ~" How do you get such good dark lines without smearing lead everywhere? I am physically incapable of doing any monochrome pencil drawings without smudging my hand/the paper. But that's probably because I'm lefthanded and most setups don't favor me. :lmao: I also have a bad habit of making my sketch lines too dark to properly erase. Oops

Here's a 60min painting I did at 3 am. It's too unpolished to really put it in my thread but it's worth showing for some opinions. I never do this, so it's fairly obvious I didn't bother planning out much. I just put more stuff in as I went.

I know that the eyes look funny, but i couldn't fix a one-layer drawing. I'll take the L for that orz

I'm also honored my drawing of Mioi is being used as the OP image B|
@"LoopyPanda" I usually start on the left side of my drawings (I'm right handed) and go down until the feet or w/e is at the bottom. Then I move to the right side so I don't smear it. I use mostly lead pencils to darken the lines since they are naturally dark. I also use my pinky to 'lift up' my hand so I don't smear my sketch. It's kinda weird and it coincides with my handwriting. 

Also, that image is broken. Can't see what you put.

@"Grey Star" Maybe, if I got some free time (Mid terms are coming up) I'll give this a shot but I make no promises. I like the pic you provided tho', super kawaii. I'll see what I can do for you.
@"Grey Star" I'll take a shot on tackling your request. :cool:

@~ Z ~ The Mute and Master drawings is pretty damn cool! The shading is definitely on the mark and looks like you're doing different poses now. How long did it take you to do those two drawings? 

Here's a couple of my drawings. The first one is Caim from Drakengard series. It's a quick doodle.


The second one is a quick drawing done under ten minutes of not caring about how it looks. Just have to draw and see what I need to improve on. Magiana-Queen, drawn from the incident that currently active in Forest of Memphis, BoogaVerse.

Hey guys! Anyone can take a crack at this, should you guys feel the same urge I do to see this.

But I'd like to request a simple reskinning of a famous drawing of Goku and Frieza squaring off:


Instead of these two, I'd like to have the face off between a battle damaged and torn shirt/shirtless Vegetto (whatever is easier) glaring down at Bernkastel. For those of you followings Reality Vortex, this idea comes from Vegetto's unintelligently mouthing off to her after getting annihilated by Doom's clone robot :)

Thanks guys, and have fun! :)

EDIT: Here's a OPM version, with a character design that can basically be copied for Bern xD

Maggie from Reality Vortex. She's a cute little doll but has many spirits that live and harbor inside of her. She has mastered the ability to shape shift and mimic those she hears. She loves to play pranks and scare those around her. That's all I'll say for now but who knows what Maggie might do...​

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