The Black Cromwell Castle


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Sep 3, 2015

The Black Cromwell Castle is located at the dark corners of Paradice, surrounded by a black forest, which has woods so dense that the sun couldn't penetrate the thick pine trees. Wild Animals such as wolves, bats, and bears are common around the thick forest. There had been reports that strange monsters may inhabitant in certain parts of the forest. The Castle had been around for thousands of years, first built in Age 3456 by a powerful Warlock who was banished from Brotherhood and Sisterhood Society for illegal experimentation upon human life.

The Warlock had a hatred towards the Magic Societies, bowing that he would create a Mage so powerful that it would bring damnation to Paradice and overthrew, of what he thought, the rigged system of the Magic School. He fears that the institution had a monopoly of Magic and stray away from Merlin’s teachings. However, the Warlock would perform horrific experiments on live subjects, including humans, animals, monsters and even Deimos with no regard for their life.

According to urban legends, during a stormy night, the Warlock found a breakthrough and combine the elements of a human and a monster, creating a perfect creature that able to have unlimited around of magical power. However, it proves to be too unstable for the Warlock to control and the creature turn against its own creator. It was said that the creature never left the castle and chose to remain dormant. There had been much scouting to the Castle by powerful mages but all of them found no evidence that the creature even existed aside that the Warlock did live there and performed unethical experiments.

However, the rumors continue to soar. The idea of ghosts haunts the castle because of their unjust death by the lands of the warlock, vowing to scare away any mages that dare enter the domain. The rumors that if you spent a night there, you will be trapped in the castle forever and never able to leave. The rumors that the Warlock is still alive, but just biding his time to strike when the moment fits the best for him.

Nowadays, the Black Cromwell Castle became an attraction for mages who seek to prove their bravery to their friends and family. Some might be interested to uncover the truth behind the castle and its supposed history. Regardless, the mystery behind the castle still exists to this day.

Notable Areas of Interests

The Black Forest: The thick and dense forest that derived the area of sunlight, become an eternal darkness. It contains wild animals such as wolves, bats, and bears. It was said that there are monsters that lurk around these parts.

The Warlock’s Room: The supposed room where the Warlock work, study and experimented upon innocence life. It is filled with books that were scattered everywhere and paperwork.  There is a single bed where he slept—and unlike the rest of the room, it is nearly clean.

The Dark Room: The basement of the castle, where the Warlock kept all the experiments in tubes with green water. None of the creatures are currently alive.

The Garden of Eve: The garden has strange plants growing, revealing odd black vegetation. It was said that eating them would a mage a strange, new power or immediate death. However, these are just rumors so far.
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