The Beyonders


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Sep 3, 2015

The Beyonders Headquarters

The Beyonders, located near the South Pole in South Constringitur, is a guild that focuses entirely on space-travel and space adventures. Space enthusiasts, craving the knowledge of space exploration and want to connect Planet Booga with other life-form across the universe, came together and form this guild to achieved such dream. Led by Space Commander Jayden, The Beyonders is looking for strong and able recruits who want to not only experience traveling in the outer space, but explore different planets.

As Constringitur does not have any government and void of life, The Beyonders do not abide to any rules nor restrictions from other nations; they can operate at any time and, if they want to share data with the rest of the world, nations have to concede to their demands for supplies and goods to support the brave space explorers that risk their lives, going on this adventure. Unlike other guilds, which focus on solving issues or fighting monsters, they mostly focus on exploration, research and collecting (though, they mandate that explorers are sufficient in combat).

The Headquarters, is composed of two buildings, is made of pure Californite (gained from Empire State), which enables them to use highly advanced technology to fund their operation.
  • The first building focuses on training the both new recruits and veterans for their missions. It has a room known as a hibernation room where adventures goes and get into a pod to 8+ hours of sleep within a few minutes, something unique to the Beyonders that they refused to share with other nations. Another room is a cafeteria with the high quality of foods; all pick in mind to ensuring the health of the explorers.
  • The second building is where recruitment process occurs, the location of the main launch room, and the office of Commander Jayden. Outside of the second building, is the launch station where rockets, carrying explorers, are located. The rockets used Californite, enabling them to safety exited the planet and explore the outer space.
The Beyonders cannot promise you that you'll be safe of dangers. It pride itself of making sure you have the absolute best quality before leaving the planet and if the ship was compromised, they will send out a recuse mission to retrieved you back, alive or dead. Alien life is mysterious, unpredictable and things don't always go according to plan, but they ensure that if you have a calm mind, everything will resolved itself in the end.
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