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Name: Jacen Jasper Drake-Petronov, or Jacen Petronov
Age: 240
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pale skin, black hair, black irises. Has short hair. Wears a flexible suit of dark armor, on top of that a black and blue coat that glows wen filled with energy.
Items: Katana, claymore, pistol.
Abilities: City buster magical ability, including dark energies, necromancy, teleportation, telepathy, fire, and time manipulation.
Personality: Callous, arrogant, prideful, hateful, and a psychopathic killer.

Name: Mecha Jack Blackford Sanguis Reversed, or Mecha R
Age: 20 years of service
Gender: Male
Appearance: A robotic soldier dressed in black, with shifting eye color from blue to grey to red, and a red R stamped on his helmet. Wears boots.
Items: Cow Mangler 5000 - A laser cannon capable of extreme destruction.
Rightous Bison - A laser pistol.
Gunboats - Explosive adsorbing boots allowing rocket jumping.
Abilities: God Mode - After adsorbing a tremendous amount of energy, Mecha is able to activate "God Mode", making him glow with red energy and his weaponry deals increased damage, he is capable of flight, and has buffed endurance.
Personality: Mecha craves destruction and possesses a battle lust, always ready for another fight.

Name: Proto-Jacen
Age: 120
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jacen but his entirety is a silhouette.
Items: Katana and claymore
Abilities: Weaker ability then Jacen, and without time travel.
Personality: Stoic and follows orders, never speaks.

Name: "The Black Kaiser"
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: Unknown
Items: Unknown
Abilities: Intense magical ability, capable of affecting things from long distances
Personality: Manipulative, cunning, intelligent, deadly.


The Strongest
Name: Dr. Doom 
Age: 30s
Gender: Male


Items: Doom wears an adamantium-lanxide laced armor over cybermesh circuitry enabling tactile interface with nanoids in his brain and bloodstream.
Abilities: Doom can exchange minds with others. He possesses some mystical abilities, such as casting bolts of eldritch energy and invoking mystical entities (principalities) for additional support. 

Personality: Doom is a genius in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, bio-chemistry, and time travel. He is also self-taught in the mystic arts. Doom is a natural leader, a brilliant strategist, and a sly deceiver.
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