Sometimes You Still Lose

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
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"You play a beautiful game but sometimes you still lose." Several shots rang out into the night, coming from a gun in the hand of the CEO of Alchemex, an ancient Withered from the Age of Heroics, that black haired, pale skinned, black eyed, dark coated son of a bullet Jacen Petronov. On the recieving end of the bullets was a hacker and scientist, now promtly falling out a window. But the man had vital data that needed terminated, and Jacen wasn't about to leave a job half done. He looked at a terminal, containing the data of several believed who could rise up against him, and he tossed a grenade at it, destroying it utterly before jumping out the shattered window. The two men falling hundreds of feet, with Jacen closing the gap between them, propelled downwards by dark energy. A knife drawn from Jacen's coat ensured that blood ended up all over the Withered's face, and the scientist was mutilated beyond recognition long before they both hit the ground, one whose body was destroyed utterly, and the other stood there protected by magic. Jacen looked at a display sown into his coat, showing three things. The first two were pictures of a robot with an R on a helmet, the other a pure black clone of himself, and the third a sort of blue gate, which showed on the other side of it New York City in the 1990's.

"Call in Mecha R and Proto-Jacen, I have a new assignment for them. I need a group of people killed, who will tomorrow arrive at central park for compensation for home failures regarding well, every last system in them." He said into a mouth piece. Elsewhere, at once, several homes caught ablaze in the middle of the night, along with various appliances exploding, entire houses ruined. But in other areas, reality itself seemed to be breaking apart at the seams, blue energy swirls popping up.


Anyone interested? An RP where a bunch of people whose houses are utterly destroyed, and thus seek repayment offered by Alchemex, the controlling company of their city. After surviving an assassination attempt through the aid of an unknown third party, it's a matter of finally toppling a century old mage whose become the most powerful man left on Earth.


Rules- No god modding, mostly. Although the Black Kaiser is immune to this.
Damn. I figure someone already got dibs on Spidey. Glad I have a backup xD
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