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Sep 3, 2015
Mission Statement

The goal of the Cosmic City Crews is building a community composed of remarkable people in a welcoming hub that focuses on creativity. Cosmic City Crews is more than a simple discussion forum; it is a forum that strives for an appreciation of all media works by awesome people. We encourage people to participate in challenging and creative discussions with courtesy, open-mindedness, and respect.

Registration and Accounts

To ensure accounts are not created in bad faith, all registrations to Cosmic City Crews are vented through an approval process. The process takes somewhere between one-to-three days. Do note that once you decide your username, unless it is a critical reason, you cannot change it in any circumstances. If you tried to make multiple duplicate accounts, you are at risk of having not only your duplicate accounts banned and deleted, but your main one banned as well. When registering, make sure you use a valid email address and avoid using unacceptable usernames.

Content, Quality and Posting Style

All users should be able to properly make a post or thread in a concise, readable manner. The C3 Staff has the right to edit your thread if it fails to meet the proper criteria for a discussion. Furthermore, we encourage users to ensure that their posts contribute to the on-going topic at hand and done in a respectful manner. Any derailment of the thread may result in warning strikes if it becomes excessive.

Outside of the Art Garden and the Progress Journals section, do not double-post in any thread. In addition, please placed all large images and multiple videos under spoiler to avoid endless scroll. Finally, all contents on the forum must be safe for work; pornographic materials of any kind will be removed, resulting in accounts being permanently banned from the forum.

Art Garden and Progress Journals have specific rules and guidelines that applies to their section only. Please make sure you become acquainted with those rules to avoid any confusion.

If you spot any problematic posts in the thread, please use the report button, a built-in functionality button that appears in every post in all threads. It will assure the C3 Staff to go straight to the source and resolved those issues in a timely manner. Anything regarding the rules and other information of the website, do not hesitate to contact the C3 Staff.

Respect, Tone, Emphasis and Criticism

Be respectful to your peers, conduct yourself in a professional manner and ensure your tone of how you express your opinion, be with civility and courtesy. We do not tolerate any form of rudeness and personal attacks towards members, of this forum or otherwise. As stated earlier, your posts should be clear, concise and understandable. Providing criticisms is good. Attacking members, complaining about the threads and everything else is not. Pointless bickering and excessive back and forth will result in warning strikes against your account, which can lead to banishment.

Moreover, any form of discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. You ought to have the utmost respect for any individual on the forum, and expected to have basic and reasonable knowledge of the subject you engage in. We do not need a horde of racism, bigotry or any uneducated opinions flooding the forum. Go away.

Finally, the Cosmic City Crews is not a platform for unsolicited private communication to users; any reports of unwanted private messages and spamming, your account is immediately banned without question.

In Commentary and Critique section, all readers are expected to contribute and engage in the conversation professionally, display your thoughts in a well-constructed manner and avoid one-liners. Phrases such as “bad-writing”, “good writing”, “this is good”, etc., are not criticism. Express your thoughts in a critical analysis of how you felt about reading these works, moments that you loved and moments that you didn’t find interesting. Any one-liners and phrases as listed earlier will be deleted from the forum.

Respecting Copyright

The Cosmic City Crews respect all artists, designers, filmmakers and writers and their creations. Since 1998 (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), anything produced over the internet falls under copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission from the original owner. Thus, all original content, regardless of medium, by users falls under All Rights Reserved protection. You do not have the right to redistribute, reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit or upload any of the works provided here and vice versa in any way, shape, or form, without explicit written permission or consent by a creator(s).

All Rights Reserved © 2015-2021

Maturity Rating

By default, all original created works should be safe-for-work. However, if the content of your works is mature, please advise your audience of a maturity rating. There is a difference between Mature and Explicit content. Mature content refers certain content happening but does not go into details on it and left as incredible vague (and then, the two lovers made love). Whereas, explicit content, it is blatantly obvious and goes in extreme detail (and this is how the two lovers explore their bodies). You can write Mature Content, just not overly explicit on it.

How Banning Works said:
Following the rules of the forum is pretty simple. Failure to abide by the rules will net you a series of strikes against your account. Having multiple strikes on your account will lead to privileged being revoked, suspending from posting or outright banned. All members (excluding expectations) will be given a single free warning (this varies from one Staff to another, case-by-case basis, depending on the situation).

Once it's clear that free warning(s) are not enough, you will be given a strike against your account, along with an explanation of why you received such strike(s). Strikes followed a point system which determines your fate on the forum. If you received 100 points (4 Account Strikes), this is an immediate and permanent ban.
  • 25 points = Failing to follow the rules.
  • 75 Points = Temporary ban for 2 week.
  • 100 Points = Permanent ban from the forum.

(Rules are subjected to be revised/added at anytime)

You are responsible for reading the rules and any form of guidelines that come forth from that. Proclaiming that you’re “unaware” of what the rules are is no excuse.

Rules are subject to the application and interpretation of the staff members. We reserve the right to withhold forum privileges to members who consistently display incorrigible behavior. Also, note that staff members hold the right at any time to remove your posts and/or ban your access to the forum.

Thanks for taking your time of reading the rules! So, with that said, have fun posting!
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