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Blue Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
The Pumpkin Patch
Come one, come all, to the Pumpkin Queen's Pumpkin Patch! You'll find all sorts of spooky things as well as Halloween related things here, but please don't touch/break open the pumpkins or disturb the residents! The residents can be a little on the.... ghoulish side if disturbed.
*Fog settles into the area as a figure appears in the distance; a voice booming*

The Pumpkin Queen has returned! Loyal subject, gather 'round and celebrate this occasion for it has been far too long since I have seen any of your... lovely faces~

I bring the basket of merriment!
[color=FF7619]As the basket of merriment has been brought upon us and greatfully accepted, the joyous ocassion that has opened my pumpkin patch will be soon among us, let us open the home of spooktacular wonders![/color]
It is that special time of year once more, the trees shivering in delight as the air begins to fill with a dense fog, the time of the Pumpkin Queen... has arrived once more.

[color=F87217]My loyal subjects! Valued visitors, vast spooks and ghouls! It is once again that time of year in which we wait for every year! Our time to reign once more has shown itself once more, rejoice! Let all things spooky release its veil onto us as we celebrate... the month of... HALLOWEEN.[/color]
In order to obtain any of the numerous treats that are hidden within this pumpkin patch, you must first prove yourselves worthy... and not awaken the beast that slumbers up in the hills.....

The catch being, you could find a little treat for yourself, or.... a trick. You won't know until you stumble upon a location.  :teehee:
[dorky Snowball walks in, paws at the jack-o-lantern.]
[Skeleton flies.]
[Snowball's tail poofs up.]

Misua: We're at the domain of the Pumpkin Queen Snowball. :mad: 
Snowball: Sorry Misua. :katcry:
No! You shall not do this! How about I send you a sea of shrimps?  :katroll:
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