ShineCero's Official Introduction

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Sep 3, 2015
I've noticed that I haven't made an official introduction on this forum per-say, but I'm sure everyone already know who I am by various of names over the years :kat:

So, I'd figured that I'll do a different approach of an introduction; the creation of Boogaloo and the meaning of the name. Boogaloo, as you can tell officially launched on the fourth of September, co-siding our [Z and I] birthdays. Although, I actually went ahead and created the site a day earlier. So, why was this forum created? It was created in order to showcase that Loopy and Drago that they were not alone nor "hated" as Ascended, Saber and -surprisingly- Dragonlady, claimed they were. I wanted to show them and those that have been banned to defend them or simply want to avoid the drama, that hey, we always got your back; especially after seeing Loopy, Z Drago and a few others cried after Ascended basically railroad Loopy as if she was the spawn of Anti-Christ itself. So, being atleast somewhat was experienced with web designing at a basic level, so I thought, hey, I can at least test out my shitty skills and give all my friends, a better place to be. Thus, here we all are. :pimp:

I'm not aiming to become the best forum out there, nor expected all of us to pushed towards that goal. What I expect from you guys is simply to have fun without being ridcule, without getting death threats for joining another forum/website, without being harassment or stalk. This is simply a place for you to have fun, chat with your friends, and pop up every once in a while to chill with your bros and gals. :katfeels:

With that said, I'd hoping that you all have an wonderful time here and excited to see all your old friends popping up and formed new friends :cool: wished you all a Happy Holidays and a very awesome, new year and beyond  :brofist:

As for the term, Boogaloo. I seen a few users asking about the name. It derive from a Google+ Hangout where it was simply Loopy, Drago, Z, Jcoss and I that we usually used it to alert each other of doing our jobs on the forum and then make crony ass jokes about each other B| XD. Of course, the name Boogaloo was brought up as a name for our group -and- because of how silly the name was, we kept it :maybe:
A thousand thanks, Broseph. You da best bro for letting us all roam around and shitpost ourhearts out if we want. :katsalute:

And I always think about the immense support everyone gave each other during this clusterfest of chaos and I always get misty eyed thinking back on it. :stfu: I couldn't ask for sweggier people. I mean it from the heart. :heart:

OP is still an fegit
Awesome introduction BB)
And I'm really glad you made the site. It's brought back the good memories of having a forum without drama. And it made a place where old members who I thought I'd never see again could go to. So cheers! :D
Wonderful introduction! Thank you for creating this forum and thus giving us a new place to have fun and talk to each other. I hope that this site will flourish and be around for a long time :)
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