San Dora and the Great Blood Spa

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Sep 3, 2015

San Dora

San Dora, located west of Snowy Mountains, is one of the few areas in Empire State to be untouched by technology. It is home to the famous Muir Forest, Great Blood Spa and the Fountain Springs. The Muir Forest stretches about 554 acres all around with evergreen trees, a richness of wildlife and home to fruits and vegetation. Unlike Snowy Mountains, no monsters that lurk around in the parts, due to the lack of human population: animals thrive without any interruption of human interference. Despite being one of the smaller forests, it can be easy to get lost; it susceptible to thick and dense fogs and mists, so travelers are advice to be careful when traveling; you can end up walking in circles. Be wary of witty foxes, they are prone to swipe your valuables when your guard drops. 

As the Great Wars surges throughout of Rupoee, Eir, a bedraggled young woman, became a runaway to escape the unspeakable horrors and took refuge in Empire State. Upon arrival, Eir became overwhelm of the how technological advanced the entire nation of Empire State had become within in a few decades. It gave her a discomforting feeling that ruin was upon them, and Eir left the big cities in search of an unobtrusive place.

Eir went on years traveling through the corners of Empire State, saddened that she was unable to find a place in this world. Eventually, she came across an area near the Snowy Mountains; surrounded by thick forests, there was a Foundation Springs. She was exhausted, tired, and grow weary of the concept of life, but after taking a snip of the water from the Foundation Springs, her doubts disappears, her tiredness went away and her eagerness to continue on living was renewed. This area, despite the majority of Empire State affected by the technology boom, was one of the few certain areas unable to convert due to the lack of sizable population—residents often crammed into the big cities and smaller towns nearing it.

Eir, inspired by the beauty of the forest, the wildlife, and the Foundation Springs, Eir vowed to protect this area from any outsiders and assure that it would never fall victim to modernization that would eliminated most of the nature here. After decades of successfully preserving this small area, the Parliament of Empire State had approved the area for protection; leaving it in Eir’s care.

Eir was a traditional healer back in her years in Rupoee, being depended on herbs, plantation and vegetation, but because of finding this area, she trained herself in the arts of healing magic. She wanted any traveler, who lost their way, or came from a harsh journey, to feel comfortable when they entered this area. She would eventually name, San Dora; after her daughter, Dora, who resume the role as the caretaker of San Dora.

Notable Areas of Interests

The Great Blood Spa provides a variety of services for improving health, beauty and relaxation. It is located in the middle of San Dora, surrounded by the Muir Forest and near the Eir and Dora household. The famous service is the actual springs: multiple ponds ripe with temperature fitted to ensure quality healing for one’s pleasure. The waters had a red tint, which makes it looks like blood, hence the name—the reason is that this is a special property added into the water by Eir; it heals all wounds, including fatal ones.

The Foundation Springs are scattered throughout the forest in order to provide thirst for travelers. No recorded history had document how nor why this foundations were built in this area, but it can restore one’s stamina after a rough journey.

The Eir and Dora Household is where Eir and Dora reside in; and any travelers who want to take a single night rest before resuming their journey. Rooms are quite limited, but the food is serviceable. Dora is an excellent cook as she honed her skills by studying the basic structure of the fruits and vegetables, enhancing them to their fullest potential to filled bellies and provide some healing properties if they chose to keep it for the future. The mother of Dora and wife of Eir is no longer around, but they often indulged in discussion of fond memories of her.
Lightning Rider, Byll, Robotto, Giga Impact, Lyrik and Nicori had arrived in Sora Dora from Snowy Mountains

"Alright, I'm taking a break..." Lightning Rider dropped everyone on the ground. "My legs hurt like all hell now..." Rider fell on his butt on the floor. 

"Thanks. We're too far away for them to even catch up to us. We rest for a few moments before returning to headquarters." Giga Impact said. "Is the kid secured?"

"Yeah, I just had to tie him with strong rope really tight and earshot away from everyone before he starts biting," Robotto said. "Little bastard..."

"Good." Giga turned to Lyrik. "Nice going kid. You help us a lot using that move. You might get high awards from our Boss for your assistance."
"Heh, no problem!" Lyrik smiled brightly. "Just doing what a Hero was born to do! Tho'... something has been buggin me..."

Lyrik remembered how Asuza told Nicori to run and how everyone fought to protect Nicori.

"The red-haired girl told the kid to run... Everyone was fighting really hard to protect the kid, they didn't seem like the bad guys you made them out to be. Eh... maybe I'm looking a bit too deep into this."


Nicori struggled against the ropes and started to yell out to the goonies that took him.

"Hey, lemmie go! Just you wait, when I tell Mama what you guys did to me, you'll be sorry!"
Lightning Rider and Robotto turned to Giga Impact to see how he would handle Lyrik's statement and narrowed their eyes. Before one of them can even explain, Robotto trying to hold Nicori down, Giga Impact cut them off when he raised his hand and walked slowly to Lyrik, placing his hands on his shoulders. 

"Listen Lyrik. In this world, people will do anything to protect their interest, even go as far as creating a mask to appear to be good, but in reality, they are evil to the core. Do not let their appearances and their actions misguide you." Giga Impact said. "I was like this too until I learned the hard way." Giga Impact pulled up his shirt, revealing a deep scar embedded in his chest. "I was careless in my first mission, trying to save a child that was supposedly needed to be returned. However, I grew sympathy for the enemies that were holding them, they tried so hard to protect that kid, until that moment of weakness, I was struck right here." Giga pointed to his chest. "If it weren't for my team, I would have died. Don't make the same mistakes I've done, kid."
"Well... I guess you're right." Lyrik sighed. "I just gotta be extra careful, I can't let myself be manipulated by the bad guys like that! By the way, where's the kid?"


Nicori tried his best to bite Robotto every time he got near him and continued to struggle if it meant trying to bite him.
"Good. Now that you understand that, let's get moving." Giga Impact said. "And don't worry about the kid. Robotto had everything handle." 

"What a troublesome child!" Robotto mumbled as he tried to get near him. "Being tied up doesn't stop him from moving around." He turns to Byll. "Hey! Quit being emo and help me with this thing. Don't you have some powder to knock him out or something?"
"Lemmie go! I'mma tell 'Suza all the stuff you did and I'mma tell Mama too! You're gonna be in big trouble when I get out of here and then your sorry butts are gonna get kicked by Faunix and Lix and Gorecilia!" Nicori yelled. "I'm Nicori Omni and I'mma have you guys in super big trouble!!"

"Man this brat is annoying..." Byll slowly drifted to Nicori and held out his palm. "Time for you to take a nap."

A dark green fume escaped from Byll's hand and slowly engulfed the child. While Nicori struggled to free himself, his efforts started to get less and less fidgety. Eventually, he was forced to sleep with a harmless chemical Byll gave to the boy.

"That should keep him quiet for a couple hours."


"Omni?" Lyrik questioned. "Where have I heard that name before..? It's on the tip of my tongue. Aw well, it should come to me eventually."
Robotto let out a loud sigh before picking up Nicori and placed him over his shoulder. "We should have done this earlier instead of risking my neck trying to restrain this thing." He turns to Giga Impact. "Hey! Can we leave already?"

"Just a moment. Lightning Rider needs to cool off first. Lyrik and Rider put the most effort in the fight so they need to heal up in the springs." Giga Impact said, turning to Lyrik. "Up ahead, there's a spring that can heal your wounds and restore your energy. Take a quick dip to get your energy back and we're leaving." 

Lightning Rider was already in the hot springs, with clothes still on and feeling satisfied. "Yeah, that's hit the spot." His face was red all over with a young woman providing a bottle of sake to him.
"Ehh... Alright." Lyrik shrugged before heading over to the Spring and looking over at Rider. He felt a little uncomfortable but once he stepped in the spring, he felt all his pain and fatigue melt away. 

"Ahhh... that feels good."
"Right? I never felt this good in my life..." Rider said. 

"Of course, this hot spring heal all wounds." Giga Impact said. "Now you got a few more minutes in there, then we're leaving. So enjoy it while you can." He turns to Byll. "Any status of what's happening outside?"
Lyrik was enjoying his hot spring bath and lowered himself so that his entire face was covered with water. His dreadlocks made him look like an octopus. A moment or so later, he rose back up to breathe and seemed completely refreshed.

"Wow, that's amazing how fast I feel ready to go." Lyrik smiled.


"Apparently Hos Complex has issued a state of emergency which is now calling all heroes." Byll said emotionless. "I don't recall the emergency but we should be okay for the most part. Let's hurry up and bring his kid back to the boss."
"Good. So we won't be running into any problems then." Giga Impact said. He turns to Rider and Lyrik. "Looks like you're ready to go."

"Yup! That was what I needed..." Lightning Rider said. "Alright, I'm ready to head out whatever you're ready."

"Same." Robotto responded.
"I'm finished with my rest here." Lyrik nodded to the others. He rose from his bath and shook his body slightly to shake some of the water off of him. He wondered how Nicori was doing so he made his way to the unconscious child. He looked worried.

"Uhh... Why's the kid completely outcold?"
"Stanard protocol." Giga Impact answered. "You're new to this organization, so I can't fault you for not knowing our tactics. People, especially kids, can be quite a handful. The last thing you want is dropping them while in midair because they keep squirming around." 

"You really don't want this kid to fall off thousands of feet from the air, right?" Lightning Rider said.
"Oh well... you have a point." Lyrik nodded to himself. He still felt unsure at how they treated Nicori so he decided to keep by his side. "I think I'll stick by the kid, I don't want anything bad to happen to him."
"As you wish. Just make sure he's secured. We're heading back to our headquarters for further instructions." Giga Impact said to the rest of the group. He turned around and began to walk as Robotto and Lightning Rider followed suit.
While Nicori was sleeping, Lyrik made sure to make the boy comfortable in his arms. He wondered why they had to put the child to sleep, especially if they were the heroes but he tried to think up the positive of what they're doing.

Why they gotta knock out the kid? Lyrik thought to himself. That's a bit...far.
Giga Impact took out the phone and call someone. "Yes. We have the possession of the child. We're heading there right now." After hanging up, and checking that everyone was ready to do, he nodded. "Alright, we're done here. Let's go."

Giga Impact and everyone had left Sora Dora and headed to Los Demoninos.
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