Redraw Challenge #6 - Suyoi

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Sep 3, 2015
The Bob Ross Series is an art-based competition that attempts to bring out the maximum potential of all artists in the medium. Exclusive to the Art Garden, all artists can participate in the Bob Ross Series to display their works, earned awesome awards and have their works posted on Twitter in a big picture compilation for exposure.

Redraw Challenge aims to challenge your ability to redraw a scene from an animated show, whether closely to it's style or use it in your own style. You have the creative ability to change things up in your redraw, as long it's at least recognizably a version of the original.

Once you complete your piece, post it in the thread to enter. You will only have 14 days (ending on September 22nd on 12 AM PDT/ 3 AM EST / 9 AM CET / 3 PM MYT!!) to submit it. There will be no extension, so get it done by that date. You can use anything in your disposal for this challenge to create your piece. If you're using digital drawing, make sure your work has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1920x1080, 3840x2160, etc.). If you're using traditional work, you can deviate from the aspect ratio. Please use IMGUR for uploading your artwork.

Your Redraw Challenge is.....


Our very own mascot, Suyoi! We are celebrating 4 years of BGC by re-drawing Suyoi! Draw her in any attire as you please! Give everything you got!​
I forgot to check my drawing size, so it might be wrong,, but I don’t wanna mess up the drawing by resizing so I hope this is fine xD

Happy 4th year BC Crew! :whoo:
Here's miiiiiiiiine~! I think I made it too big. xDD

Happy birthday Boogaloo and Suyoi!

EDIT: Turns out I turned this in a day early so I decided to color it!!!! I went full Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for this. Hope y'all like it!!!!


Happy birthday Suyoi... I missed drawin her
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