Reality Vertex Tales: The Solider adapts

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Sep 4, 2015
Into: This story is about a young woman with white hair and blue eyes named May Sheer. She joined the army at a shot at a better life and to help her parents back home. Sadly for her the Vertex places her in a city largely devoid of people.(This may give a better idea of My new RPC in reality vertex)

Day 1

May looks around and did try her radio to call in to base. Nothing just static and in fact she even tried any frenemy she could think of but nothing. She turned it back to were it was and turned it off. She yells "is any one out there? My name Is May Sheer." No one or thing seems to respond. Part her wants to panic but the part of her that was a soldier did keep calm. She thinks "I gest I should find find some were to hold up for now and think what is my next course of action. Who knows I might find some actual food?" 

The first blinding she tried to entered was unlocked and did enter it carefully at first. As she looked around she realized that no one was there and this place was a mall. She thinks "So this "mall" place is just as devoid of people as the rest of this place. Despite it being a place were people would gravitate torts. It dos not look like any thing bad happened in this place."  It was easy to find a map of the place and after that she went to the security room to see what happened. 

The recordings showed her that she was first the first person in years to enter this place and that this place was abele to fix and replenish it's self seemly with out any one being there. She thinks "for now it shoed be safe enough to set up shop hear." She chose to make her self at home in this mall for the time being.

Day 2

May did get up and did think "Still hear and I gest the best cores of action for now is for others to find me."  She did get some food in her and started to explore the mall. She thinks "Out side of the food court, "Vertex Fitness" and this "Reality beds" I do want to look at the magic shops and weapon shops in this mall. After that I may go to one the place that seem to offer booze and drink a bit." 

She did look at the weapon shops and it was strange. She thinks some what shocked "I could see some kinds of guns and gun accessories. Some these places sell things that I would not trust in the hands of a civilian to simple clubs." She moves on too the magic stores and it was the same reactions. She thinks "That it I going to drink because this is just nuts. There is a bar the second floor."  

Day 3 

May did wake up with the absolute worst hangover she ever had after a night of drinking. She did grab a glass of water form the bar she waken in. Wend she started to move to get out she spotted her body dead. She backed way quickly to the point she fell to the first floor. This fall was fatal as well. A some hours latter she came too once more and seen another of her dead bodies. She nearly did the what she did the first time but she did stop her self. She did back up till she was stopped by a bench this time it was not lethally. After a little bit she got a hold her self.

May thinks after she was able to calm her self "So I cant die don't know if that a good thing or a bad one but I have work to do. I will say this it is a bit fucked to see your body dead and being fully alive." She checks them and finds that what was on her at the time she died was on them. After she basically looted her self she dumped her bodies in dumpsters out side of the mall.

She thinks "dyeing sucks and what I gained is not worth that because that was tariffing and on top of the mother of all hangovers I feel like I batten up. I think I will find one those massage chair and try out this thing called a TV and these movies. After I recover in bodied I need to think my actions form now on." She she did in fact spend the rest the day recovering form what happened.

Day 4
May gets up refreshed some what form relaxing after what happened yesterday and eats at the food court. She thinks "I do have an interesting chance in this mall place, too learn things that the even the best schools back home could not teach or want to. On top that I will shoed keep in shape because if those stores are any indication I rather not need and have it than the invers of it." 

She thinks "so what should study first? I thinking look in to making my things more effective. I do have a literally armory that I can puffer that restocks it's self and combine that with my hammer space I should be able to do quite well in a fight. I shooed look in to a this virtual reality thing I seen in the arcade." She thinks what she going to next not shore she ever going to meet another person but regardless if they are friendly or not she will be ready.

After getting up may works out and eats. Then she will take a shower before starting to study enchantment magic and artifice magic. Followed by a good lunch and after lunch she starts to work on her gear. After Diner she dos some virtual training to make shore she can still fight. She ends the day with another shower and then she watches something then bed. 
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