Rate The Last Movie You Saw

Saw Lightyear. Loved it!! 4/5 I was engaged in the entire film! Just wish the that one character wasn't so annoying and messing everything up lol.

Also saw Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths. Plot was shaky, but the animation (and character designs was really great! The Young Justice/New 52 Animated art style really puts me off). 2/5.
The movie 'Fall' is a edge of your seat thriller. This movie was enjoyable to watch. Best friends Hunter and Betsy decided to climb a 2,000 foot tower.
But afterwards things go horribly wrong for both young women. This is definitely 'edge of your seat' suspence. 9/10 rating.
Saw Orphan: First Kill. 3/5

Loved the movie and exceeded my expectations. The twist really got me haha, and ended up rooting for the protagonist!
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero 7/10. Not gonna lie, it was a strange choice to save the more mundane parts of this new story they started with Battle of Gods for the big screen but somehow it kinda works. Interesting to see just what Gohan does during the day most of the time. Kinda reminds me of this quote from George R.R. Martin about why he hates super heroes, saying something to the effect of "when you really think about it, people just kinda do what they want regardless of what talents they might have so if you had people who had super powers in reality you wouldn't actually have a whole lot of super heroes, just a bunch of really strong accountants". What hit a little different is that he was kinda neglectful even when it came to raising Pan, an understandable last straw for Piccolo, I imagine for father figure types that's probably the ultimate frustration when you step in to raise a boy who's dad was neglectful and they turn out the same way lol. That said, I think it's a REALLY weird choice that after Battle of Gods everything's been so low stakes. With Resurrection F Frieza didn't have the stamina to beat 1 Super Saiyan God much less 2 or a fused one. With Broly you know between Goku and Vegeta they have at least 4 ways between them to power up beyond Super Saiyan Blue so it's not like you're even really wondering HOW they can beat him much less if they will and with this I don't know if I should spoil anything but it does feel like all they need to beat the last enemy is for something simple and obvious to happen. Also wasn't that big a fan of the 3D, the way they tried so hard to make it look 2D they might as well have just made it in the same style as Broly and it would've looked better. As an aside this is only like the 3rd movie I've ever seen in IMAX... first half of the movie I really regretted going for IMAX because those outlines they put on the 3D models to make them look 2D were not very high res and looked rather fuzzy. Toward the end when it gets to the final battle it was gorgeous though. I'm convinced it was made for watching giant monsters blow things up.
Three thousand years and longing is the movie I saw last Saturday.
I put this film in the okay category. By paying close attention, it basically tells the story of a Djinn (Genie) played by Idris Alba and his adventures during his time and how things went from bad to worse for him. I give this one a 8/10.
Saw Thor: Love and Thunder. 4/5. That's the last time I listened to critics lol. Honestly loved the fuck out of this movie and thought it was pretty good. There was some weird edits where one scene transition too quickly to another, but not enough to make it bad. Loved Gorr as the villain, and you can tell everyone had a blast in it lol.
Don't Worry Darling is one of those films in which you have to pay close attention too. I MO, the movie reminded of the old "Stepford Wives film."
People wanting to live that "perfect life." Later in the movie things go horribly bad when Alice finds out about this so-called experiment. Just about everyone turns on her because she tells the truth on what really goes on.
Saw 2 Films. I saw RRR, and man, what a ride. Easily 5/5. Was very entertained, and inspired me to dive a deeper research onto the history of India, notably during the British Invasion, and Conquest.

Halloween Ends was 2/5. Average, but plot kind of phased out during the last portion of the film. Loved Michael Myers though!
Saw Ticket to Paradise. Overall nice film. Actually loved the chemistry between Julia Roberts and George Clooney. There was some funny moments as well as sad moments.. I give this movie a 7.5/10.
Saw Black Panther 2. Easily 5/5. Soooo damn good. Honestly, I'll put it over No Way Home. Loved the cast (and they acted their asses off). Loved the aesthetics; loved the villains (lowkey was rooting for Namor LMAO) and Shuri had such a powerful character arc. Angela definitely deserved an award of her performance. There's so much I can say about this film that I literally forgot it was a Marvel Film. Rest in Power Boseman!!! Wakanda Forever!!!😭😭😭
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