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Post photos of your food!


The Strongest
This thread is here to have our gaze at the wonderful foods everyone is eating. Some might seem weird but all are definitely delicious! I personally can't wait to see all the wonderful food from all around the world! Don't be scared! Show us what you're eating! McDonald's to an elaborate French cuisine, just show us a photo of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Please make sure the photo is an actual photo you took and not something from Google.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket

So this is what me and my mom call 'Pollo Sudado', which literally translates to 'Sweaty Chicken' Why it's called that, I'm not entirely sure. We got some rice with corn, Tostones (fried mashed plantains) chicken, and Chayote. I don't know what Chayote is in English, but it's flippin' good.


Green Jacket
Lmaooo i had the worst pizza, it was good but hell if it didn't look like a mess.


Black Jacket
I rarely photograph my food, but I made French lentil soup for my family the other night and everyone really liked it, so the recipe I used (with some adjustments) was a success!


It's a vegetable soup but some variants have you cook bacon into it.... I don't really like bacon in my soup so we put some freshly cubed ham into it to add the smoky flavor, but parsley also achieved the same affect.