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Sep 3, 2015
(This is a RP for LoopyPanda, ~Z~ and ShineCero. If you wished to join, just ask!)

PremiseAn mysterious group, called The Crusaders under the leadership of a person named The Dictator, have been conquering planets left and right within the system. Destroying their land, enslaving the people and steal any form of artifacts on the planets. Many people escape from the conquest and heads to a planet called Ida; a common place where immigrants go to to find a better chance in life. The military force on many worlds in the system has proven to be useless in their overwhelming strength. Thus, they have set their course towards Ida.. where the story unfolds. What is the Crusaders' goal..?

General Rules
  • Polar Space is an Original RP. Meaning, no existing fictional elements. Taking inspiration from various mythos is fine. 
  • This is a Fantasy RP with ScFi elements, Mecha, and all those lovely things
  • Have Fun!
Rules for Character Creations
  • You can have Unlimited OCs for this role-play!
    • You can create your own race and planet.
    • If your character is not from other planet, then it's default planet is Ida. They can be humans and the like.
    • It cannot be this “ultimate legend” super race or anything. It has to be balance and not greater than other. It can be known for certain things though.
  • If one of your character(s) dies, you can replace them with a new one. However, you need to get them approved.
  • Your character can be either Hero/Neutral/Villain/etc and can be change throughout the story, depending on the progression of what you feel.
  • Do not include Overpowered Abilities: Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time. This list will be updated over time.

A news reporter appeared on TV, with it's gigantic smile. He seems to be a humanoid, but with the characteristic of a bird. "Hello, City of Apple! I'm your favorite news reporter, WatchBird. As you're waking up in the morning, we have such a beautiful day coming up. Although we have reports that yet another planet had fallen onto the hands of The Crusaders, making their tenth one yet, we still shouldn't let the fear prevent us from having a good time. As our military defense is helping immigrants to settle onto our planet, we all spread some harmony and have a goo-" Before WatchBird can finished his sentence, behind him as the camera captures, a giant ship descends from the clouds upon Apple City.

WatchBird sweated a bit. "W-well, it seems that we have visitors? We'll, it shouldn't be that big of the deal. It must've be more of those aliens from other planets." 

The ship began to light up and then, it sends a devastating blast towards Apple City. In a instant, the entire place had been turned into a wasteland. On the view of the ship, in the shadows, a soldier appeared in front of the man who's sitting on the throne. 

"Sir, the city has been laid to waste." The Soldier said.

"Good. Send all other soldiers. Captured and enslaved every creature you find, search for any artifact and leave no one to rebelled." The figure on the throne said.

"Sir." The soldier disappeared.


(Few weeks later..)

It's been a few weeks since that event. Nearly the 2/3 of the planet is occupied by the Crusaders. The places that they don't seem to touch is very cold places for some reason. So those that managed to escaped the enslavement run away towards the arctics as shelter... but even then, some have worried that The Crusaders might send someone within their slavery to handle such weather..?

*Ahoo!* A humanoid wipe his nose with a towel. "Damnit.. how long we're going to be here? Damn military, damn Birdman. All that talk and look at us, freezing our asses of..!" He shouted and looked around to various people.
Kiki was roaming the cold arctic, trying to keep herself away from the Crusaders and their wicked ways. She was freezing since she didn't wear much to protect her legs. Her nose was runny and her snot was frozen. She kept herself a little warm with a fire spell she was practicing but every time a strong wind came, it blew out the fire. She needed to find shelter fast or she will begin to freeze to death.

"W-W-Why does it have to be s-s-so c-cold?!" Kiki stuttered. "W-Why can't they t-take over less t-t-tropical p-places..?!"
"Looks like it.." the humanoid said. "Jesus christ. What the hell we're suppose to do now..!?" Whining and crying. However, he noticed a certain smell from afar.. "I smell .. something cooking..!?"

This alerted everyone in the group when they heard the word "cooking".
"Y-yeah!" The humanoid said. He look from afar and spotted smoke appearing over the horizon. However, he stopped before going any further. "Wait.. we can't go any further.."
Kiki continued to roam the arctic area and came across a small igloo. She didn't know who put it there or where it came from but she thought it was better than staying outside where its cold. She took a chance and crawled inside the small igloo, hoping to find it empty.

"B-Better in here than out there.."
The igloo was filled with things such as a small bed, a burnt out camp fire and various items, yet all of them were comparable size to that of a small toy.


"Have you heard? They say that a demon dog is out there.. those who travel through that part will never return.." The humanoid said. "I ain't risking my neck, even if I'm starving!"
"Huh? What a tiny living space." Kiki said while crawling in further. She stopped when she was inside and only huddled close by the bed. She didn't know what to think of but she thought it was weird, nonetheless.

"Looks like a tiny toy was living here..." Kiki yawned to herself. "I guess I should be safe here..."
"I hate dogs." Pascal groaned. "....But screw it. I'm not going to starve. I'd rather be killed than die this slowly." He started heading for the exit. Driven by hunger or stupidity, it was unsure.
Everyone watched Pascal walking towards the exit. "Damn.. what a brave soul.." The humanoid said.


There was sounds of footstep within the Igloo, seemingly it was gearing closer and closer to that of Kiki where the bed was.
"Uh-oh.." Kiki tried to hide somewhere but everything was too small to give her any sort of coverage. She gripped her hat and bit her lip, waiting for the doom to unfold and end her. She only wished that she was a better witch.

"Oh man..! This is it!"
"It's still blizzarding... can't see a damn thing, but I need food, damnit." Pascal muttered, trudging through the heavy snow drifts. His white fur would help him blend in, but all he would hope of his clothes would be covered in the snow.
The more Pascal travel further, the harsher the blizzard became. The temperature drop tremendously, the winds became so dense that ice particles are formed. Upon the travels, there appears to be a path, that came from "something" that slither it's way through this storm- and the sheer size of it, suggest that it was no regular "creature" that roam here.


A little green, fluffy bear appeared in front of the young witch. It poked her leg, alerting her attention to him.
"W-Whaaa! Don't hurt meeee!" Kiki screamed, hiding her head under her arms. She assumed that she was caught but looked back to see a little bear. She seemed confused about the situation but looked around to see if it was someone else who touched her or controlled the bear.

"Huh? What's a cute little teddy bear doing here?"
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