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Sep 3, 2015
Pokémon Journey [Working Title]

NOTE: This RP is invite-only. If you're not invited, you're not be able to join the RP.
  - Shine
  - ~ Z ~
  - Raditz
  - LoopyPanda

Premise (subjected to change): You and your friends have finally become eligible to become full-time trainers! Explore the vast region and aim to become the strongest of obtaining the title, Champion! However, there are many obstacles that will subject you to think about your future! Will you be able to make it through the end?!

  - The goal of the RP is aiming to become champion of the region by participating in the Pokemon League. However, there will be side-stories to add flavor onto the RP and not everyone has to strictly aim to become champion.
  - Gym Leaders and Elite 4 will appeared.
  - This is the combination of both anime and game elements. Pokemon League is taken directly from the anime, where one must enter the Pokemon League and win it, then go to the champion league to face the champion. 
  - You'll only have two OCs at max. One for your trainer and the other for "rival". Canon Protagonists won't appeared. At all.

  - Your Main OC won't have legendaries and won't captured anyone. 
  - Your Main OC is a novice trainer. You're starting out. 
  - There is a "villainous group". It's not based on any famous teams in the franchise. 

Region: ???
This is a cool idea. It gives room for growth and adventure. I would like to know if there would be a Gym/E4 system or if it's a completely random adventure. And if Gym leaders/E4 are used, how/when would they appear?
Yeah, Gym Leaders and Elite 4 will appear. 

They should appear whenever they arrived to a new town after exploring. As for Elite Four, they should be reserved for later usages.
We should attempt to start in a region that has a wide variety of both new and old Pokemon. Also, what if we don't want to be champions/Gym Leaders? What if we want to be something like a Pokemon Coordinator or a Duchess? How would that work out?
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