Pokémon: Heart of the Champion [Planning/Preview]

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Sep 3, 2015
Pokémon: Heart of the Champion

Pokémon: Heart of the Champion is a simple, straight-forward adventure RP based on the Pokémon franchise. There were many Pokémon-based RP, but all of them die for one reason or another. So, I want to revive interest (and bring more lively activity in Inspired section) for this one. This is first-come, first served kind of RP. I’ll accept only two players—your activity required consistent activity.

Premise: You, along with two others, now 14 years of age, is now ready to become a Pokémon Trainer in the Kanto Region. Professor Oak request you to come to his lab so you can pick up your starter Pokémon to start your journey. There is a catch—Professor Oak request that you filled the Pokédex and gives each of you three stones. He ordered that once you completed your 5th gym badge, returned to Pallet Town for a special surprise.

You and two others will travel together, because you want to experience the outer world of your hometown together as friends. However, be weary, in this journey, there is a small group called the Hunters, that snatch Pokémon from trainers and sell them for profits.

Your goal is to collect Gym Badges to qualified for the Indingo League in order to earn the right to fight the Elite 4 and Champion. In that journey, you will meet plentiful of people, bonds together with your friends and new ones, and experience the thrilling life of a trainer.

Heart of the Champion takes place in Kanto, but the plot will have newer elements to make it livelier. Catching Pokémon exclusivity Kanto with some exception. Mega Evolution and Z-Moves are in the story as well. All players will journey together, but there will be an exclusive rival character against the players. 

Any questions, please ask.
Huh. This sounds interesting! Since it will be in Kanto, I assume all 151 Pokemon will be available. How will the other Pokemon from other regions be added in? (Unless they migrated, which makes perfect sense)

Also, the idea of hunters sounds super interesting! But I wonder if 10 year olds should be messing with grown adults. xDD Maybe they can be just a bit older? Like 12-13? But then again, when I think about it, I want to see where you can take this.
That's where the exception falls in. All Eevee Evolution and Cross-Evolution will be added as well. Pokemon from other regions can make an appearance but they're used by tourists and won't be available for capture. 

I can bump the age a bit higher.
Perfect. I wouldn't mind sticking as a 10 year old tho'. I like being a crybaby. B| xDD

So, say, for example, Scraggy. Would he be available to capture in the Kanto region? Or would only Trainers/Tourists have him? Also, can we hatch a Scraggy/Non-Kanto Pokemon?  :think:
Scraggy won't be catch-able for the players, but depending on the story, it'll be played by tourists and others in that context. However, there is a possibility of players taking care of Pokemon that the Hunters stole that have no owners.
There will be a part of the story, once you returned to Oak, where Professor will give you several surprises. One is giving you eggs from an unknown region (hence the exception).
I would like to be in this epic gamer game since I have to find some way to resist the SwSh spoilers that will float around for the next few weeks...

My only caveat is the age range, I never liked the fact that 10 year olds are running around and getting involved with poachers/the mafia... lol. I'd prefer an age range of 12-13, at least for my character. It's just more comfortable for me
Looks like we got two, so this will be moved to the private section.

I have no problems bumping the age to a more comfortable range. 14 sounds like a good spot?
Here's the Character Registration Box. This one should be easy since most of the dialogue can easily be mentioned in your opening statements when the RP starts. You can use the template below for this thread for archive purposes in-case you forget about things. You don't need to register Pokemon. That'll come naturally within the game. 

Character Template:
Age: 14
Name: Tan
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Personality: Tan has an adoration for Pokemon like no other. She loves to hang out with Pokemon and enjoys a true challenge and adventure. She dreams of being able to see every Pokemon in the world one day and filling up the Pokedex with new Pokemon yet to be discovered. While she enjoys a good battle, she is actually quite relaxed and tends to have her head in the clouds. 

Appearance: Wear a hat with a ponytail, tan skin, black hair, and honey eyes. She wears a grey short sleeve jacket over an aqua sleeveless shirt. Her pants are similar to that of cargo pants that have a few extra pockets. Black high top boots.
Name: Juniper (Juni for short!)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Juni's a cheerful and sociable girl but a bit on the quiet side since she doesn't raise her voice very much. She falls victim to anything cute, so just about everything she likes is based on how 'cute' said thing is... which may differ from expectation. She likes the idea of traveling but is hesitant about competitive battling because of how intimidating it is for a timid person like her.
Appearance: Juniper has medium length brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a white beret on her head with a pink blouse and red pleated skirt. She also has a backpack shaped like a Sentret.
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