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Sep 3, 2015
[font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]Premise: The Festival of Kings, one of the most highly anticipating event in the world, is a once of the lifetime competition where trainers from across the world participated and show off their skills to one another worldwide.  Due to the Festival occurring only every 50 years; trainers that received a special "ticket" will be granted the right to enter (special tickets are disturbed and delivered at random at mailboxes). In the festival, those that made into the top 5, will be rewarded with high quality prizes that can't be found anywhere else. The one who becomes the champion of the overall festival will be named "King" and awarded a prize that is out of this world; a wish that grants one's desires. However, there's more than it meets the eye...[/font]

[font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]Planning/Preview[/font]

[font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]General Rules[/font]
  • [font=Helvetica Neue, arial, sans-serif]This is an story that solely deals with your OCs. Meaning, you can't use canon protagonists from any media of the franchise.[/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]You're allowed up to 3 OCs[/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]You're allowed up to [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]3 [/font]Pokémon[/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]Your Pokemon Movelist must be possible to have. It cannot have moves that's incompatible in current generation. [/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]Your OCs aren't champions. Period.[/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]No Legendaries.[/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]Do not introduce your "new story"[/font][font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif] without approval.[/font]
  • [font='Helvetica Neue', arial, sans-serif]Don’t try to make everything too convenient. [/font]
  • [font=Helvetica Neue, arial, sans-serif]If you haven't post for a week, your character will be on hold or temporary taken over until you're able to RP again. [/font]
  • [font=Helvetica Neue, arial, sans-serif]Battle Format will be singles/doubles. However, there are some surprises.[/font]

Character Template

Pokémon Template
Pokémon Name:
Shiny: Yes/No
Pokemon Moves: ATTK 1/ATTK 2/ATTK 3/ATTK 4

Name: Brown
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stand tall about 5'5 ft and has a medium build figure. He has brown, spike-ish hair, along with hazel-nut color eyes. He has black skin and have a few scars, especially one on the bridge of his nose. He wears grey Slim Fit Sleeveless Hoodie, with jeans and white sneakers. He has bandages on several fingers due to training when he's has spare time. 
Personality: He's a pretty friendly fellow and always up to help a person out. He's also very competitive and interested to battle in order to learn more about his battles and how to improve himself and his Pokémon. He have a habit of getting lost when he's looking for something; Maps are his natural enemy as it makes him even more lost. 
Background: Born in Aspertia city, Unova, Brown had taken on a journey to better himself and his friends and see the world. He's taken a goal to defeat his mother in a battle whenever he's fit to challenge her. He started as a late starter when his journey at the age of 17.

Pokémon Name: Electivire 
Shiny: Yes
Name: Atmos
Gender: Male
Personality: Very active and jolly, tends to dislike when Pokémon or Humans are getting bullied. He's just as competitive as Brown.
Pokemon Moves: Ice Punch / Earthquake / Wild Charge / Cross Chop

Pokémon Name: Kirlia
Shiny: Yes
Name: Roxie
Gender: Female
Personality: She's rather reversed about her presence and tends to observed before taking action. She can't stand when one is overconfident. 
Pokemon Moves: Hyper Voice/Protect/Will O Wisp/Draining Kiss

Pokémon Name: Infernape
Shiny: No
Name: Blare
Gender: Male
Personality: Blare always like to boast about his strength and talent for battling. Thus, he's constantly ready to show off his skills at any day, time and place. 
Pokemon Moves: Flare Blitz/Mach Punch/Thunder Punch/Flamethrower

Name: Tobias 
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stand tall about 5'9 ft and has a medium build figure. He has black, orange and white, curly hair, along red eyes. He has white skin,, wears ear rings on his left ear. He also wears a white Kanga Pocket Zip Hoodie and black shorts, while wearing white, finger-less gloves and black sneakers. 
Personality: Tobias is a rather, interesting case. He's extremely malicious towards others, and often talk down to others. Despite his behavior, he is an incredible trainer. 
Background: His past is currently unknown. There isn't much information about him.

Pokémon Name: Blaziken
Shiny: No
Name: Ken
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious at times when it comes to battle, but tends to be chilled for the most part
Pokemon Moves: Flare Blitz/High-Jump Kick/Protect/Hone Claws

Pokémon Name: Buizel 
Shiny: No
Gender: Male
Personality: Overconfident and takes to mock his opponents. 
Pokemon Moves: Sonic Boom/Aqua Jet/Power-Up Punch/Tail Slap

Pokémon Name: Heliolisk 
Shiny: No
Name: Lisk
Gender: Female
Personality: She's calm and collective. 
Pokemon Moves: ThunderBolt/Glare/Agility/Surf
Name: Zoe

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short brownish-blond hair wrapped in a ponytail. Brown eyes and rosy cheeks. Has a baby face. Has what looks like a baseball cap on with her ponytail appearing from the hole in the hat. Wears a rosy-pink shirt and green Capri.

Personality: She's very shy around new people but tries to get along with everyone. Since she's young, she doesn't know all the battle tactics that the older trainers do so she's prone to make a couple mistakes. She likes to learn from others who battle. She always puts her best on the battle field.

Pokémon Name: Chespin
Shiny: No
Name: Knight
Gender: Male
Personality: He is relaxed and likes to take things at his pace. Chespin enjoys naps but he's actually very smart. He takes time to look and view things and study them. He's very serious for the most part and doesn't understand jokes when they are thrown at him. He's naive about things outside of battle. However, since he's a fairly young Pokemon, he doesn't know much but he learns quickly.
Pokemon Moves: Tackle/ Vine Whip/ Rollout/ Bite

Pokémon Name: Pawniard

Shiny: No

Name: Slash

Gender: Male

Personality: He doesn't listen to Zoe most of the times and tries to fight the battle his own way. He is very prideful and tends to train Zoe in a way. He's got a lot of spunk. Despite the fact that he doesn't listen to Zoe, he doesn't let anyone push her around and hate it when others bully her. In battle, he occasionally listens to her. He is also Zoe's first Pokemon.
Pokemon Moves: Feint Attack/ Metal Claw/ Slash/ Headbutt

Pokémon Name: Swablu

Shiny: No

Name: Blu

Gender: Female

Personality: Very easy going and loves to sit on Zoe's head. Likes to hum and take naps. Swablu the more peaceful on in Zoe's team. She likes to make friends with both humans and Pokemon alike. During battle, Swablu is very intent on listening to Zoe and pushes herself to her limit to try and impress her.
Pokemon Moves: Peck/ Growl/ Disarming Voice/ Fury Attack
Name: Pandaria
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tan skin with short brown hair parted to the side. She also has brown eyes. Pandaria's outfit usually just has her wearing her sky blue one piece swimsuit, but when she isn't swimming, she'll wear a white baggy jersey tank top with pink track shorts. She also wears a pink Hibiscus in her hair and a set of blue goggles on her head with a whistle around her neck.
Personality: She usually is friendly and talkative with others. When it comes to dealing with arrogant people, she prefers to throw them for a loop and knock them down a few pegs. She also hates people who talk too much.
Background: Pandaria was born in Cianwood City. But as a trainer she was always mocked for picking "cutesy flimsy" water types rather than the Fighting type Pokemon like Cianwood's gym. The isolation the town had from the rest of the region had her ditch it for the mainland. Many trainers often underestimate her for choosing seemingly cute Pokemon or choosing an all-Water team in the face of many other challengers with seemingly tough and powerful pokemon chosen from popularity. Pandaria also looks up to Erica and Misty from Kanto

Pokémon Name: Blastoise

Shiny: no

Name: Tidus

Gender: Male

Personality: Outside of battle, he's really cuddly and friendly. Enjoys to play in the rain or swimming with Pandaria. In battle however, he becomes very serious and focuses on obeying Pandaria's commands. He is protective of his teammates and his trainer.
Pokemon Moves: Protect/Rapid Spin/Scald/Ice Beam

Pokémon Name: Azumarill

Shiny: No

Name: Usami

Gender: Female

Personality: Generally, Usami hops around a lot and is a cheery social Pokemon. Sometimes she is a playful rough houser, but her outwardly friendly personality is deceiving. In battle, Usami doesn't hesitate to show she can deal as much damage out as a bigger Pokemon. Not to say she won't be doing it with a cute smile.
Pokemon Moves: Play Rough/Ice Punch/Aqua Jet/Superpower

Pokémon Name: Seadra

Shiny: No

Name: Charybdis

Gender: Male

Personality: Charybdis is a bit cranky and rough around the edges. His grumpiness makes him a bit difficult to get along with as he can cometimes be a bit rebellious. This comes from the Seadra being the baby of the group and he often feels like he shouldn't be babied. It doesn't make him disobedient, however, as he attempts to follow his trainer's lead to prove to his teammates that he's capable of being helpful.
Pokemon Moves: Smokescreen/Bubblebeam/Twister/Focus Energy
Name: Dogma
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Olive skin and blue eyes. Wears a T-shirt and cargo pants. Wears a Magikarp scale jacket and a belt buckle designed after the Rising Badge.
Personality: Overly serious and protective of his Pokemon. Does not like to waste words during battle.
Background: Born and raised in Blackthorn city before leaving on his journey with a Dratini and Magikarp. Has an anger trigger involving the gym leader of the city beating him down and calling him impatient.

Pokémon Template
Pokémon Name: Dragonite
Shiny: No
Name: Yoshi
Gender: Male
Personality: Overly cheerful
Pokemon Moves: Dragon Claw/ Wing Attack/ Thunderpunch/ Extreme Speed

Pokemon Name: Shelgon
Shiny: No
Name: Bruce
Gender: Male
Personality: Aggressive. Always trying to jump off things.
Pokemon Moves: Protect/ Dragonbreath/ Zen Headbutt/ Ember

Pokemon Name: Haxorus
Shiny: No
Name: Obi
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious. Doesn't show a lot of emotion.
Pokemon Moves: Dual Chop/ Brick Break/ Earthquake/ X-Scissor
Registering this character for temp use. 

Name: Ariel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Bright blue eyes with dark Auburn hair that end halfway down her back. Wears a white bow on the side of her head. Her outfit is a gray tank top paired with black sports shorts complete with red legwarmers (she's a passionate fan of jazzercise)
Personality: Arrogant airhead.
Background: nobody cares enough for it m8

Pokémon Template
Pokémon Name: Glaceon
Name: Frosty
Pokemon Moves: Ice Beam/Shadow Ball/Aqua Tail/Hyper Voice

[size=small]Name: Braixen "Lacey"
Pokemon Moves: Psychic/Flamethrower/Grass Knot/Wish

[size=small][size=small]Name: Garchomp "Sweetie"
Pokemon Moves: Stealth Rock/Earthquake/Dragon Rush/Dragon Tail
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