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Jan 6, 2016
On earth :))))
Hey yall! So recently I started up commissions on my other social media and am excited to get customers! So I'm bringing my commissions here to the Boogaloo! 


[size=large]RULES AND TERMS[/size]
1. All Commissions must be paid upfront via Paypal USD. I will begin the drawing once I receive the payment. After paying, I will contact you 1 to 2 working days of your request; I do not work on weekends or personal off days (which will be stated on my social media or to the buyer when I take them))

2. Please be patient while waiting for me to contact you and while waiting for your commission to be completed. Life happens and things may come up that could delay completion; In the event that something happens that may hinder the progression, I will contact you immediately.

3. I reserve the right to deny or cancel a commission if I cannot complete it for any reason. If your commission is canceled, you will receive a full refund.
I may deny your commission if it has to do with:
Mecha (Robots)
Heavy Gore themes 
Offensive content (Racist/Homophobic/Transphobic/Xenophobic, incites violence or harassment, contains Pedophilia/Incest, Implied abuse, etc.)

4. These commissions are for personal use only! I will send a watermarked and non-watermarked version of the commission. If you would like to post to social media, then you MUST use the watermarked version. 

5. I post ALL commissions on my account with the watermark (To avoid theft and to show off your pretty request ^v^). If you would prefer me not to post your commission and would rather I only send it to you, you can state so. 

6. There are no refunds AFTER the process sketch with color has been completed. (Can give exceptions for certain circumstances, i.e. If I have not already moved onto the final product (Lineart/shading), Or if it is a dire situation on the buyers part; However that means you will not be able to use that sketch by any means) When I send the completed colored sketch, that will be the only time to make up to 5 major changes for free; Any after that will be charged extra along with any major changes after I get to work on the final product.

7. Your email will NOT be shared! This is solely for me to contact you, send you your commission and invoices

If you're interested just let me know through this thread (Or pm if that's more comfortable) and I'll send you the request form to fill out! Or you can go to my Ko-fi and request one there! All the same options!
Well! Guess I'll be your first BGC customer! :cool: I'm interested in a commission!
Here's my first Boogaloo commission requested by Shine! Thanks so much for being my first customer! I really enjoyed drawing Carnage's crazy expression!

I love it! This is so wonderful :sob: Thank you for doing this Panich!

You nailed Carnage Hero's expression extremely good! He's the type of guy that smiles when he'd about to snap a bitch BI XDD
PANICH DREW JUDAS. He's the big evil bad boy that torments my sweet and spicy redhead. I love it! Considered me a super happy customer! I put the one with her watermark. Expect another request some time in the future~!


I LOVE IT SO MUCH I JUST njivdbt874onbgivbjgjJ^$%^QTGyj24809tfjnvqri
Not quite! Once I'm finished with this semester
Which is the 11th, I'll be opening back up (tbh I'm also editing my commission pages)

Thank you Panich for making this wonderful drawing! You captured Roya and Yume so damn good! It's literal perfection :sob: :sob: :sob: I love it!!!

It's that time again. I wish to commission another drawing, if you're willing!!
Just finished a commission for Shine! Thank you once again so much for your patronage. I had so much fun drawing Naoko!

I love it so much!! You brought so much life into her and made her absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much!! :sob: :sob:   :love:
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