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Sep 3, 2015

Shoot! This Man is Black!

The Bob Ross Competition is intended to draw out the maximum potential of artists of all media. Exclusive to the Art Garden section, any artists, whether you do traditional, painting, digital, etc., is able to jump into Bob Ross Competition series and showcase their artwork, win cool awards, badges, along with exploring out of your artistic comfort zone. Each Bob Ross Competition differs from one another with their own set of rules and tasks, designed to add variety, generate consistent interests and bring in new dynamics. Thus, you will be able to participate in different kinds of competition that suits your needs or if you’re feeling you want to test your skill, join a competition to push you to the utmost limit.

Bob Ross Competition no longer relies on polling from members. Instead, two-three anonymous people who did not participate in the competition will decide the winner. They will be able to provide any comments or feedback (provided by the administrator) along with their votes of the best artwork as follow by the rules of the competition.

Welcome to Opposite Day Event! Artists, you are now task with taking a character from any medium—any hero or villain and draw them opposite of their stated alignment (hero -> villain, villain -> hero or good becoming evil or evil becoming good, etc.). In other words, you will have to use your creative minds to interpret how a character will be like if they were not a hero/villain—so not only you will have to show off your drawing talents, but you will show off your creativity of making such artwork.

Opposite Day Event will begin on a Thursday, April 26th start at 10:00 AM and ends Saturday, May 26th at 12:00 AM PDT. You MUST provide your own original content. In other words, do not steal artwork from other artists, recolors are not considered artwork and make sure they are safe-for-work. Please USE IMGUR when posting your artwork. 

  • If you are entering this competition, simply post and state the characters and their alignment (no photo required) you're going to use.
  • You can pick up to two characters from any medium for this event. Use official artwork when you post your finished pieces to compare the differences between the two.
  • Your art must depict opposite of what they are known for; let your imagination flow within you.
  • You can use any medium in arts (this includes graphic design) for this competition. 
  • You can post your artwork at anytime as long it is before 12:00 AM PDT May 26th. Place it under spoiler to avoid long scrolling.
Awards for Opposite Day Event
  • Artist Badge: Participation in the Bob Ross Competition!
  • Opposite Day Badge: Win the Opposite Alignment Event!
  • Michelangelo Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition!
  • Mioi Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 2 times!
  • Da Vinci Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 3 times!
  • Bob Ross Award: Win 6 Bob Ross Competition (3 Regulars and 3 Special Events)
I think I'll give this a shot. I'll try to draw an evil Madoka Kaname to the best of my abilities. I might try to edit her dress a bit but I'm still debating. Either way, I'll give Madoka a shot.

I'm going to do Mob from Mob Psycho 100. As it getting a second season, I'll take a crack at him :wagh:
Here's mine:

Since the Wikias are beginning to auto-shrink any hotlinked images from their site, regardless of their actual width, here's a different one for comparison:
For the uninformed, Juri's left eye is a prosthetic that enhanced her fighting, but was replaced and hidden with an eye-patch in SFV. 
@"JamesYTP" No problem man! There's always the next competition :D

#1: A very good drawing indeed. Mob looks like he wants to *really* fuck someone up. I'd be scared to come across him like this. What I would like though is for there to be more of a difference between a "good" mob and an "evil" mob in the uniform department. While his facial expression screams evil, everything else is more or less the same (at least from what I could tell from looking up Mob's appearance XD)

#2: I absolutely love how you turned Juri into the very thing she loves to beat up. The color palette oddly seems to fit, especially with the purple background. I personally felt, though, that unlike Shine's work, where I felt he needed a bit more to differentiate evil Mob, you did a bit too much in terms of changes. Realistically, I'd think that, unless the hairdo or other details were particularly unfitting for the alignment change, it should probably stay the same. Other than that, I believe that, given that there's nothing else wrong with this piece and the fact that it was also done in color, this piece should win the competition. It gets my vote.

I'm just looking at both the entries and they're both very good.

I think I might have to go with ShineCero though because the emotions are there! You can really feel the evil. Loopy's is better skill-wise but I'm not really feeling anything about it when I look at it. It's just kind of Juri, but in a police outfit.

Shine's drawing: You can easily see that it's supposed to be Mob with his token uniform and hairstyle and that he's turned evil because of his scary facial expression.

I think the shading is done really well, the gradual blurring in his face gives a more ominous effect to his expression! And the use of thin and thick lines also gives the drawing a better look. I actually really felt "power" emanating from your drawing which is a really cool feat to pull off! The only extra tip I could give is that maybe the hand could have used shading as well and I dunno if loosely sketching is your style but maybe you could for instance make the background a little more neater.

Loopy's drawing: First of all I have to admit that I don't really know this character so I assume she's a bad guy turned good in your drawing. And if my guess is correct that means you did pretty well  following the theme of this competition. XD But yeah its obvious she's turned into a good guy looking at the police uniform. I also find it really creative you added the text dialogue so it feels like a game screenshot! Use of coloring gives a nice atmosphere as well!

As for tips, it looks like you used a blackish color for shading.. maybe its better if you used the darker shade of the color of the clothes instead of black at a low opacity and blur/smudge it a little more neater. And yet again I don't know if its your style, but I can see some space for improvement in the anatomy. Her shoulders seem really small and her right arm looks a bit too short as well.

ANYWAYS both are really well made and you can see the effort put into it! 
But if I had to choose a winner it'd be Shines, purely because of the evil energy I feel from the drawing. XD

The results are in!​

The contestant who won the majority vote from the judges' panel is.....​

:superkat: Congratulations on winning the Opposite Alignment Event! :superkat: 
Wear Your Badge with Honor and Glory!

I hope all the entrants enjoyed this Competition, all the entries were wonderful! :D
If you didn't win this competition, don't get discouraged! Stay tuned for future Bob Ross Competitions!
As always, I thank you all for your participation!
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