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Sep 3, 2015
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OC-MAS returns! As usual, throughout the month, you are task to draw a all your original characters (whether one offs, roleplays, fan-fictions, etc) every day, whether a sketch or finished piece! You may follow the prompt above or do your own thing!

Event ends on December 31st at 12 AM PDT/ 3 AM EST / 9 AM CET / 3 PM MYT!

Happy Holidays!!
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Day 1: Your First OC and Rival OC

Angel and Unstoppable .png

Here’s a little bit of context for this. Just like the previous OCMAS, Angel Star is my very first OC. He’s a “star” that has taken human form. He lives among the humans on Earth and acts as its protector. This led to him becoming the number one hero in the world. He’s kind, energetic and always wants to see the best in people.

Unstoppable, the number 2 hero, is the exact opposite. He was created as an assignment for my Creative Writing class, and all my peers were ecstatic about this character (see his short story in the Modern INKers section). He’s rude, nasty, and outright hateful. He’s vindictive, angry, and jealous of Angel because he wants to become the best hero. Unstoppable sees Angel as his rival, despite the latter being completely unaware of that.

Day 2: Fairy OC

Fairy Faerie.png

It is still a work of progress. I’ll post a finished version in due time (mostly next month for Sketchuary). I just need a proper way to showcase my inspiration from Lambdadelta into her design. Just like Burja and Guardian, they’re all references to the Umineko series. An opposite of Burja Witch, Fairy is completely chaotic in her actions. I'll explore her conception more for Greatest Villain in my main art thread.

Day 3: Superhero OC

Day 4: Monster OC

Monstre Monster .png

Day 5: OC's Best Friend


Day 6: Villain OC


Day 7: Plus-Size


Day 8: Pirate OC

Buccaneer Pirate.png
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Android Machine .png

Princess Empress.png

Edge Man 2.png

Sister Nun.png

Voogd Guardian.png

Mu Nothing.png



Swords Blade.png
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Final Drawing for this challnege! Didn’t have time to do the other one, so I’ll save that one for Sketchuary.

Day 18: Draw Another User’s OC

Balloon Master! By @Appelsider

Balloon Master 2.png
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